The Lost Gospel of Q, a QFS Update

Charlie Ward and Pryme Minister: The Lost Gospel of Q, a QFS Update and a Little Bit of Juan from Kat

Enclose a brief transcription from a marvelous Charlie Ward and Pryme Minister video. It contains for me, one of the most important pieces of the puzzle Charlie’s yet presented.

As well, there’s exciting news from Simon Parkes and Charlie re the QVS / RV.

Before I get to that beautiful transcription, I wanted to point out this amazing video.

I did not transcribe it because honestly, it would have taken me weeks, but for every Anon worth his or her salt, this video is a masterpiece of a Q decode.


This is a very well-known Q post:

Of course, one daren’t hope 11.3 is a date, that would be too easy for Q. Even I, no decoder, would never believe Q would be so obvious and I was right about that.

11.3 isn’t a “date.” However, according to Majic Eyes Qnly, it has something to do with the Department of Defense Law of War Manual, Chapter 11. Oh yeah. Enjoy this deep dig vid.

Everyone I know on this path is on pins and needles. We KNOW BIG THINGS are happening behind-the-scenes, arrests, Gitmo-ing, Tribunals, etc. and that finally finally everything will start to be revealed for the whole world to see.

According to the posts I’ve read, most Anons are assuming Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton is going to be the first “public” arrest. Possible.

But if you watch the video by, Majic Eyes Qnly, he has an even better suggestion: The removal in one fell swoop of the entire Bidan administration and the ushering in of Martial Law.

Now THAT would be AWESOME.

However, I’ll take the public removal of HRC as a First Domino.

Here are 2 Wikileaks Clinton Emails. They are disgusting, but this is what the devil is.

“Nothing gets my heart going like sacrifice night.” HC

To be clear, “sacrifice night,” means raping, skinning alive, drinking the blood of and eating the organs of children. THIS is what gets Hillary Clinton’s heart going.

She is NOT a human being. Just keep that in mind. If she ever was human, that was long long ago. She is a soulless demon who hopefully long long ago was executed.

I’ve noticed lately that the separation between White Hat / Patriots and “supposed” White Hat / Patriots is being sharply drawn. Those one might have thought were “good guys” are very clearly revealing themselves to be soldiers in the devil’s army.

A highly regarded Anon, Doq Holliday, had this to say about someone who ill-advisedly took on Juan O Savin [and who has in the past attacked every single person I’ve ever transcribed.]

Last weekend, during the Patriot Double Down in Las Vegas, Juan O Savin made several appearances to a rapturous audience, and the videos of his speeches there have been viewed by more than a million people.

Nevertheless, apparently Sather attacked him again and Doq again posted about it. I’ve actually never seen Doq so pissed off.

I’ve remained quiet on the subject of shills, bots and negative posts on anonup. I delete, block or ignore. But I felt moved to post a reply to Doq. My post instantly received positive replies, so I post it here for those who are also fed up with the devil’s constant negativity.

Juan O Savin has a powerful voice in God’s Army, like Charlie, Sacha Stone, Gene Decode, Pryme, Q The Storm Rider, General Flynn, Sidney Powell, Ezra A. Cohen, etc. so he’s going to be a magnet for the devil’s shills until the devil and his army are sent to eternal oblivion.

Can’t be soon enough.


Juan O Savin & David Nino Rodriguez: A DOMINO WILL FALL, 10-21-21

47:00  Juan O Savin
If you’re still here, you’ve made it this far.
If you hadn’t had the First Administration by President Trump
when NOBODY thought he could be elected at the last instant
& he got 4-years of grace to do the set-up for the fight.
Even this intervening period
& everybody in [FEMA] camps.

We’re still in the fight.
Get your head screwed on correctly…
Pull you’re f*cking head out of your ass,
& get into the fight.
Stop your bellyaching & point your fricking face
in that direction.

David Nino Rodriguez
The boomerang flip reversal is coming.

48:08 Juan O Savin
It is.
If you’re looking out there on the horizon
you can see it turning right now.

Juan O Savin
You don’t see all the people beginning to wake up & go
‘Excuse me, I’m NOT going there.’
I sent you the clip, 4 and a half hours of Military personnel saying
“Are you f*cking kidding me?
There’s no way they’re going to freaking pollute my internals
with any kind of b*llshit.”

4 and a half hours of troop after troop after troop after troop after troop,
ranking personnel,
And I’ve had the conversations privately.
You know this. We’ve talked about this.


We’ve got a lot of pretty brave people that are saying no,
they’re holding the line

& then you’ve got a bunch of bellyachers
that are sitting there like,
‘Nothing’s happening.’

49:39 Well nothing might be happening
because they’re not paying attention.
Excuse me, there’s a whole bunch that is happening.
Those troops that are saying no.
Those pilots that are saying no.
There’s people out there stopping their careers,
coaches, players…

50:22 If you’re saying nothing’s happening
YOU’RE the problem.

51:15 As I’ve said multiple times
before this is all over you will have CEOs,
presidents of colleges, professional & college sports coaches,
medical people & school administrators
forced anything on anybody,
or compelled them,
“Well, we just didn’t know.”

51:57 LOTS is happening.
It is coming to a head.
The pressure.
The heat is getting intense.
Yeah. We’re in this cauldron moment.
This Red Sea moment.

52:09 Juan O Savin
Actually we’re coming together as a people.
Remember I said we had to have 80+% together on this.
It’s about the American people coming together
In such an overwhelming compelling manner
as we move into this Red Sea moment,
that we’re united in an agreement so that nobody can divide.

52:42 The whole point is trying to get us to divide
cuz if we’re divided we can be conquered…

55:13 This is about all of us joining together
stepping up at the same time, Nino.
Everybody bringing what THEY HAVE to the game.

David Nino Rodriguez
I will see you at the Patriot Double Down in Vegas.
Are we gonna gamble a little bit?

55:46 Juan O Savin
Shit, I gamble every day.
Crap I’ve been gambling every day I’ve been in this fight,
you know, 30 years.


On 10-30-21 President and Melania Trump attended Game 4 of the Atlanta Braves and Houston Astros World Series. Since Juan O Savin has repeatedly said Melania is the Flagship for President Trump, I took note that she wore a raincoat to the game and it wasn’t raining. Is she messaging, “A storm is coming?” That’s my guess.

President and Melania Trump, National Anthem, Game 4 World Series, 10-30-21

Also at the game, “Let’s Go Brandon” was well represented in flags, tees and chants:



Partial transcription by Kat

14:04 Pryme Minister
I’m a little overwhelmed to be honest with you.
Because now the fight is, I’m not saying it’s subsiding
but we’re definitely at a different place
where the Q Team is now showing their force & power.
They’re coming out —
Space Force,
The Military,
are just showing out their magnificent power
that it seems like they’ve prepared themselves for.
Mass arrests, major exposure.
I don’t know what else to do.
I’m kinda’ used to being on this journey…

14:40 Charlie Ward
I’ll tell you something I learned the other day:
Let’s put this in context.
I’m a 61-year old grandfather of 4,
father of 4.
I’m not a journalist, that’s not what my profession is.
But I DO research.

14:50 So all those people out there
as Pryme Minister referred to about Q,
& people have said,
‘oh it’s all a conspiracy theory about Q.’

15:05 Yes, Donald Trump reactivated Q
5-years ago.
Prior to that, Q was used by John F. Kennedy Jr.
I went back & managed to find out
Q went back to Abraham Lincoln
who also used Q.

15:25 Charlie Ward
But I’ve now found out,
people who are watching this, if you go onto a search engine
& search Book Of Q
you’ll find it goes back to the times of Jesus Christ.
It’s a Lost Gospel of Q.

15:44 Charlie Ward
So those journalists who go ‘Q doesn’t exist’
means that these journalists aren’t even worth
an ounce of soul.
They’ve got no credibility at all.
They’ve done nothing journalistic at all.
All they’ve done is follow a narrative
to try & discredit the truth.
That’s it…

I found that out. All you have to do is put Book Of Q.
The Lost Gospel of Q
The Gospel of Thomas.
It’s there in B&W.
The history of it is there for anybody with an ounce of integrity
who’s done their own research.

16:35 Charlie Ward
Q goes back to the times of Jesus Christ. Isn’t that amazing?

16:43 Pryme Minister
He’s back to save the world.
Q is Jesus Christ.
Isn’t that some sh*t?
It’s incredible.

16:47 Charlie Ward
Isn’t it incredible?
It’s followed all the way through.
God has used Q as a protection.
For goodness.

Abraham Lincoln was a good man.
John F. Kennedy was a good man.
Donald Trump is a good man.

17:10 And they’ve all used the Q-Protection,
to try & protect against evil.

Charlie Ward
This time, fortunately, Donald Trump has not been killed
like John F. Kennedy & Abraham Lincoln.
Whether Jesus used Q or not I don’t know.
But it came from his time, he was also crucified.

17:38 Pryme Minister
This is amazing.
It’s mind blowing.
When I think about the Tribunals,
the taped confessions,
when I think about just the bankers,
cnn—China News Network—cnn
I feel every emotion of excitement
cuz I know what it means.
The world’s gonna stand still.
& I don’t know what’s going to happen
I know it’s gonna be good.

18:24 Charlie Ward
Isn’t it such a blessing just to be alive at this time
& see this transition?

18:29 Pryme Minister
Yeah. Never thought I’d be alive to see this.

18:31 Charlie Ward
Nor me.
I honestly feel sorry,
I honestly feel sorry for the people that are missing
the Greatest Show on Earth.
It’s so exciting to see.
There’s so much going on.
And you can see it in the enthusiasm of people like Lin Wood
who’s out there doing an awful lot of good work
General Flynn, Mel K., Ann Vandersteel…
many good people out there.

19:42 It’s all a distraction.
It’s the game of chess.
You create a problem over there so you can move over here.
It’s just trying to understand the game at the moment.
I’ve been told by the Quantum team who I speak to every day.
I even spoke to them this morning before you,
everything is under control.

20:01 Pryme Minister
I wanted to ask you about that too,
about the Quantum Financial System
& what can you share about that?

20:08 Charlie Ward
Things are really really really under control.
Really really under control.
I am under a Military NDA
but Simon Parkes is a very very good friend of mine
he sent a voice message to me,
yesterday [10-28-21]
about things that I’m not allowed to talk about but he is,
because I’m under a Military NDA.

20:40 Simon Parkes
“Hello Charlie… I’m doing your thing.
Here we go. This the report I got.
All currency test-runs done.
HSBC will lead the process.
[Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corp.]
U.S. on full alert for the Redemption process.
Temple Texas—NOT Reno—sets it off.
DOD & Military is pushing everything out tomorrow.
Heavy roundup happening of remaining deep state cabal
as NESARA is fully installed.
United States Navy ready to go.
Gold-backed currency locked in.
Lots of it (_?) funded
Advanced healing technologies making its rounds.
Humanitarians worldwide will be funded.
…very good!”

21:32 Charlie Ward
Very very simply, what I can tell you is,
the Quantum Financial System was fully operational
in August 2020.
Well over a year ago.
And it’s been tested tested tested
to make sure there’s no infiltration from the dark side.
It was interfaced with STARLINK & Space Force
about 4 → 6 weeks ago
to allow it to be able to come into the current banking system
as we transition.
It will take a couple of years for us to transition fully
from one system to another
without causing too much damage.

22:17 The money will come off the Quantum System
through STARLINK
into what’s known as a Legacy Fund.
The Legacy Fund then pays out the paymasters,
the mega files
& the sovereigns.

22:36 So far there have been a couple that have already been paid
& it has worked perfectly.
But what they’re doing is they’re making sure
that there is no contamination
no theft of the money
& no money is going ‘missing.’
And they’re not in any hurry.

23:00 There was supposed to be 25 transfers to mega files last week
it didn’t happen
because there were concerns about the algorithm
for detecting fraud.

23:17 They’re hoping that this week the algorithm is accurate
& picks up on anything that is not right
but they’re not in a hurry
they’re not in ANY hurry.
They’ll make sure they’ll get it right
& that there is no contamination.
What we don’t want to do is have contaminated money in the system.

23:41 The 2 main things they’re trying to stop is
Child Trafficking.
They’re 2 huge businesses
which this is all about stopping,
putting an end to forever.

23:53 Child Trafficking is BIGGER than drugs
it overtook it 2 years ago.

24:00 Things are very very positive.
Now it’s time to sit back & know that
God won this.
Everything’s under control. This is pantomime. Don’t panic.

24:24 The wake-up process is to help wake up the rest.
For those who are awake
they’ll find it frustrating they want it done yesterday
they wanted it all done urgently.
But for those who KNOW WHY,
we’re going through this delay process.
It doesn’t bother me at all if it’s done this week, this month
or even this year.
If it’s done properly, even if it takes us into early next year,
it doesn’t bother me.
As long as we move into a New World
that is clean & clear of all this rubbish
then I’m happy.
Everything is completely under control.

25:00 Pryme Minister
I’m looking forward to it but I’m patient.
Patient like Job.


End Kat Partial Transcription

With blessings of Peace, Health, Happiness & Abundance unceasing.

This is Kat, over & out.