More on American White History Month Facebook page

More on American White History Month Facebook page


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Facebook Discriminates Against Whites by Banning the Very Popular Page American White History Month
by Angela Turner

I am a HUGE fan the of the Facebook page American White History Month. The first time I wondered upon it I was amazed that finally someone understood how I felt. As a society we have now been taught that being politically correct means never speaking of or celebrating being white. The unspoken rules even go as far as making us feel that we must apologize for being white. The liberal media rarely reports when whites are victims of crimes from blacks. And so I finally discover a place to go where white people can be proud of their heritages and stop apologizing for the color of their skin. A place where friends of the page often discuss being a minority white in inner cities and the racism and name calling they endured. The creators and writers of the page often state we are about WHITE PRIDE and NOT WHITE POWER. A place where whites can go to celebrate their white heritage. support each other, discuss topics and news.

I am sure everyone would agree this is something blacks have had privy to for years via the NAACP, United Negro College Fund,, Miss Ebony beauty pageants and so on; HOWEVER evidently liberal racist Facebook seems to think that American White History Month is racist and have chosen to discriminate against WHITES by shutting the page down. I am not the only one to fall in love with this page. It had 73,000 likes when Facebook decided to pull the plug. White people where immediately drawn to this concept of a cyber gathering place to celebrate the many vast histories and cultures of being white. Often voicing struggles and hardships that have come alone such as affirmative action issues. American White History Month is also known for it’s charity events and fund raisers to help their fellow white brothers and sisters that need help. There is absolutely nothing racist about this site. It was targeted simply because it is about white people.

This started some months ago when an individual decided the page was racist, and recently escalated when American White History Month designed and offered a tee shirt for sale using the Celtic cross a a base. This was reported to Facebook by someone as a picture containing a symbol of hate. The picture was removed and the page manager was placed on a ban. After the ban was over the manager reposted along with a historic link to the Celtic cross. Again, this was reported with the same results. American White History Month is using the shirt sakes to raise funds for toiletry items for the poor in South Africa. Since when is an ancient religious symbol seen as a symbol of hate? Are all the churches and graves around across Europe now called dens of hate?

It is no secret that Facebook has a history of harassing and banning pages that are politically conservative, pro military, Pro-life, Christian or anti-Islam. Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children was banned last week as the hugely popular site stood for Marines, soldiers, the 2nd Amendment and the constitution. Everything the Obama Administration, George Soros, Hollywood and Mark Zuckerberg loathe and stand in the way of their agenda. Also Ban Islam which is ran by former Muslims and exposes the truth about rapes, marriages and beheading by Muslims was also banned where as pages such as I hate Jesus Christ and Death to Israel sites are allowed. Vile pages depicting Jesus in terrible ways are left up and if reported Facebook replies this has been reviewed and we have concluded it is not a religious hate group…really??? Here is an example….

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