Resignations in flight, worth tracking.  We’ve heard of a near flight meteor, we know about Ghislane’s trial, we see the corruption in a lot of these businesses, so is it all three, one of the three or like a sinking ship are the rats abandoning?



More details in this Forbes article you can pursue: https://www.forbes.com/sites/samanthatodd/2021/03/19/from-jeff-bezos-to-kendra-scott-these-leaders-all-recently-stepped-down-from-the-companies-they-founded/?sh=7e89b44a7172


Some of these leaders are indeed “other worldly”.


Biden is so lame, that they need to hire actors to play students rather than let the schools own students show up at a Biden rally to tell him what they think of him.



Judge Orders Pfizer, FDA to Release their Documents – First dump says Thousands killed by jabs in the First Months



Admissions that the Jab/Vax changes your DNA, but its only a tiny bit and that’s a good thing


Here’s why. You may have seen the exposure videos over the last 6 mos showing graphene oxide in the jab:



Germany imposes lockdown for the unvaccinated



Have hope, although we don’t know where we are in things, anyone claiming otherwise is a liar.  There are less than 10 people on the planet that know the plan and they aren’t talking. So anyone claiming knowledge, activity or direct influence is not only lying to you, they are misleading you. That includes anyone claiming they “drove” the paddy wagon (funny, that tweet got deleted right after a certain podcast).

Something worth noting H/T to Storm Rider on Telegram:



You decide, is it the start of the fall or are we still on the holding pattern?