Culmination of Events – Are we Facing a Collapse and WWIII?

Here’s what’s being reported in the news

MH370 still MIA…China reports it saw stuff, but no one has been “hands on” and who knows if they “dumped a load” to take the heat off the search?

Obama is visiting Saudi Arabia?  Why now?  why at this time?  Doesnt make any sense at all, unless we’re comparing notes on events yet to unfold.

Israel has closed all embassies and consulates until further notice.  This is the first time in history this has ever happened.  Israel has been through a lot for her to do this says, we are headed for a huge event (that the US Fed isn’t telling anyone about).

China announced possibilities of a world currency exchange where the US Dollar would not be central, but an also ran…the exchange rates plummeted on US confirmation of this discussion and possibility.

China and Russia have quit buying US debt (T-Bills) as of 2 weeks ago…why now?

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