Hillary for Prison Bumper Stickers

Shipping after March 1st – Get your bumper sticker and tell folks it does make a difference.  Educate folks and let them know, “leaving behind our people, denying them assistance and allowing their murder is unacceptable for a Secretary of State, and completely unacceptable for any Presidential candidate.”  The lack of moral fiber in this person is all the more reason to investigate, expose and prosecute if appropriate.

Preorder now, these are sure to sell out – Shipping on March 1st, 2014

A politician of this stripe deserves no higher office and indeed deserves full investigation.  Don’t let someone who would abandon our troops and cavalierly state, “what difference does it make” in the White House, it does make a difference to those families and those dead service men.

     How many?

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We only ship in the continental US and only ship to PayPal registered addresses.  We’ve been around with Paypal for almost 18 yrs without an issue.  Thanks for your support.

 Learn more about this person who is sure to come up in the polls.  Educate yourself about the Clintons and what they’ve done to suppress free speech, squash those that would oppose them and mysteriously have folks disappear when they couldnt do either one

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