Seasoned Greetings


Seasoned Greetings

Yes, seasoned, you’re being prepped for the big destruction.  What do we mean by that? Well scripture says, “my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”. What knowledge? The knowledge of the instructions found in scripture as well as a day to day walk with the Messiah.

We have all these holidays coming up, but if you do your research you find Xmas (yes, X) is Saturnalia and nothing to do with the Messiah.  History shows the shepherds were in the fields with their flocks, anyone who’s been to Israel knows flocks arent out in December, it’s far too cold.  The reality is Messiah was born around August/Sept just over 2000 yrs ago to be with us, show us the way and then pay the redemption for us.

I saw an interesting tweet this morning attributing their righteousness to Messiah, but that’s incomplete. We’re told by Paul, Peter and others to work out our salvation with fear and trembling as well as our acts of faith will be how righteousness is measured to us (same as Abraham was). Our Messiah redeemed us so we could live a life of righteous, faith based actions. That’s our goal. It’s not a one and done prayer, it’s a life pursuing the path our Messiah, Yeshua Ha’Mashiach (that’s his hebrew original name, not the latin 15th century Jesus) and His examples for us.


This message won’t digest for everybody, because not everybody is a sheep for our shepherd.  There are goats amidst the herd who will insist on churchianity and the practices of an apostate church. that’s to be expected. Even Yeshuah said he will separate the goats from the sheep (not the other way around), he also said once everyone is harvested, he will remove the tares (weeds) from the wheat…again, those that are not following or obedient from those that are.





Here’s some further news we should pay attention to, it’s interesting that more and more of this is coming out, share with as many as possible and ensure they start to see.

Things to be aware of, during the era of slavery, control and humiliation were used to manipulate the subjects. For those obeying the mask mandates keep in mind this is all about subjugation and not health. The CDC and DOH have both stated that masks are ineffective for any of this, so ask yourselves why are they pushing this narrative?


Keep in mind, there are those promoting the greatness and the rest, but we need to deal with the here and now. So help your neighbors, those that are now getting the boot for boosters will indeed be the next ones to help.  We already know based on doctors reviews that the more you compound this into your system, the higher the likelihood of a stroke, heart attack or other issue.  This is not a cure, nor a prophylactic, it is a mass extinction event. Visit our other page to learn about the formulations, events and documented evidence about this here.


People are having enough of this and the results are starting to show, here’s a great light display in NY


You have to ask yourself, what am I seeing and don’t take it at “face” value.


What you are seeing are the end of all generations, and the ushering in of the man of destruction to come.

A great resource written over 110 years ago tells the tale of the Last President quite well. I read it about a year ago and there are 3 books in this series, another one, written 110 years ago tells of Barron Trumps time travels…yes you read that right. So do take some time and read them, I suspect we’re going to see them play out in real life very shortly.


Ultimately, you have to question it all, learn that what you see is not necessarily what it is. That includes religious leaders as well as politicians, movie stars, royalty, all of this is suspect and you need to do your diligence on any of them.