Bankers & Journalists Likely Killed In Global “Suicide” Coverup

Report from overseas on the first 5 dead bankers

February 17, 2014 4:14pm PST

A disturbing new trend is coming to light that is just to “coincidental” to ignore.  Over the past few weeks 7 top-level bankers and one Wall Street Journal writer have mysteriously taken their own lives.  Now although the cases have been ruled suicide, the increasing death toll could point to a conspiracy.

As it turns out, the life of a high level banker isn’t as glamorous as it may seem.  Although having a lot of money may have its perks, the things those bankers have done in the past, on occasion, catch up to them causing them to see no other way out than suicide.

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For instance, a fellow banker that spoke to reporters explained that the primary job of a banker is to make the company he/she works for a lot of money regardless of what they have to do to make that happen.  In this time, that one banker could be responsible for kicking countless unfortunate families out of their homes as foreclosure or a similar outcome that they themselves would be responsible for.

The options are simple when it boils down.

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You either do your job, and after making your employer a lot of money, they reciprocate by paying you a lot of money, or they find someone willing to do what you won’t.  That being said, it sometimes takes a while before the entirety of what they have done catches up to bankers, and in that time, being accustomed to that lifestyle and their way of life, see no other suitable option other that ending their life.

That being said, it’s no real shock for the banking community to lose a life as the direct result of suicide.  However, when 7 lives are lost within the professional community all within the span of a few weeks, it tends to raise a few eyebrows.

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Just within the past few weeks, the death toll of some 5 bankers has mysteriously risen to 8.  The bankers include, Mike Dueker 50, William Broeksmit 58, Moritz Erhardt 21, Karl Slym 51, Gabriel Magee 39, Richard Talley 57, and Ryan Henry Crane 37.  Along with these lost souls, one journalist, David Bird 55, who wrote for the WSJ, also took his own life.

As the death toll continued to rise—and could still potentially be rising—certain speculators began to dish out their own theories.  The majority of those whispers however are beginning to consolidate into a louder voice saying that this is the work of a massive cover up.

There have been several reports talking about a secretive group known as the global elites that have been known to manipulate financial markets for profitable gain.  That being said, there is no extent in which these people will go to further stuff their pockets even if it costs the lives of innocents.

Most recently, an insider came forward around February 5th in order to warn of the impending doom that may fall upon more unfortunate bankers.  As described, these bankers, along with being fed up with dong the immoral, have stumbled across some highly sensitive data.  In the current times we live in, whistleblowers have been known to take down entire organizations with the stroke of a pen, all while providing them a little retribution.

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Informing journalists—perhaps the need to take out Mr. Bird–what is actually going on inside the walls of these elite companies can surely have catastrophic consequences for companies and their CEO’s.

If this is the case, it’s only a matter of time before these secrets truly come out, but what do you think? Is this just coincidence or the acts of corporate espionage in its most deadly form? Let us know in a comment below!

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