DISGUSTING: Black Lives Matter Now Being Added To School Curriculum In THIS State…


Thanks to radio show host, Chris Baker, parents of students enrolled in Omaha Public Schools in Nebraska are about to stage a full-fledged riot.  Baker has exposed a curriculum seminar for local teachers that promotes the insertion of propaganda regarding the hate group, Black Lives Matter into school curriculum’s.

Apparently, several teachers were EXTREMELY uncomfortable with the content of the meeting and in complete disagreement with the proposed content.  Fear of losing their jobs and blackballed by the higher ups within the educational system kept them from speaking up at the meeting itself.

The seminar was hosted by Black Lives Matter propagandist and self-proclaimed “media consultant” —  Morgann Freeman. She was invited by Supervisor of Secondary Social Studies for the school district – Barry Thomas. Ms. Freeman proceeded to show teachers just how to inject BLM indoctrination and social justice propaganda into the Omaha schools curriculum. Throughout the meeting, Ms. Freeman freely expressed her views regarding the BLM movement, stating, “Meritocracy is a myth.

The idea that people can ‘pull themselves by their bootstraps’ is a lie. It only works for those with privileges.”  She went on to describe how black Americans have been targeted by white oppression and systematically targeted for destruction. She went into great detail to describe how America was NEVER great and was a country set up and perpetuated by racism and a racist agenda that is designed to keep black people under the white man’s dominion. Ms. Freeman continues to perpetuate much of the same victim mentality on her personal Facebook page.

Nebraska State Standards for Social Studies state that their purpose is to  “teach our children to become young patriots who have an intellectual understanding of the genius of our country’s founding principles and who feel an emotional connection to our nation.”  How pray tell does this propaganda perpetuated by this hate group line up with what is outlined as the core standards for the state of Nebraska?

Baker asked an EXCELLENT question when discussing this disgusting, racist propaganda potentially being added to school curriculum  — “Why would [Omaha Public Schools] want to insert this hatred into their curriculum?” asked Baker. “Why would they want to teach children to hate; to teach children of color to hate white people and teach white students to hate themselves?”

According to LawOfficer.com and the Blaze –

Baker tried repeatedly to speak with someone. He finally received a call from Monique Farmer, director of communications who provided a statement and declined Baker’s invitation for the superintendent to come on his show due to his busy schedule—even though Baker offered open dates for the next three months. The statement from the district was full of flowery speech making the whole thing sound like a non-issue. But they know it is a big issue and this is a big story.

“These teachers are terrified,” said Baker. “They’re terrified they will lose their jobs if they don’t comply.”

I have children and I can tell you for absolute certain that if this were my child’s school and I found out this sort of information? I would be irate and demanding answers YESTERDAY!

Kimberly Fletcher of TheBlaze makes and EXCELLENT point in her article as well —

Is this really what parents want their children learning in school? Do we want the future of our nation to learn that rioting and violence is okay if you’re angry; stealing is okay if someone has more than you; that your color determines whether you will succeed; and if you’re white you are always the “bad guy?” This is not how you promote unity in a united nation under God. But for the architects of BLM, that is the objective. After all, the best way to conquer a people is to first divide them.

According to teachers and staff they are being bombarded with Black Lives Matter propaganda points; bringing in speakers that proudly proclaim “we’re going to challenge your beliefs.” That seems to fit with Ms. Freeman’s cover photo on her Facebook page that states, “My goal is for us all to get uncomfortable.” Many teachers are very uncomfortable.

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