If it’s already in many States, what will happen as it spreads throughout America, and they are not stopped?…   who will stop them?

Rape Jihad In America Now.

Here’s a few posts about Rape Jihad in Denmark and Norway.  Now, the attacks have moved to the United States.

from sheikyermami:

Rape jihad in Denmark: More than half of all convicted rapists have…

Iraqis, Iranians, Turks and Somalis dramatically overrepresented…Oslo, Norway: 69 percent increase in rapes (76 rapes in 91 days).

Share of non-Westerners among ‘attack-rapists’: 100 percent.

Stavanger, Norway: Nine out of ten rapists are ‘men from minority g…

Norway: Muslim rapist tells victim that in Islam, women have no rights

Increase in rapes in Stockholm

“I can tell you this is one of the most horrific sexual assaults I’ve seen in my career as a police officer,” said Lt. Howard Black with the Colorado Springs Police.

We’ve already seen gangs of Somali Muslim paedophile sex traffickers arrested in Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee. Other states are also reeling from rising crime rates directly related to the  flood of Muslim invaders,  facilitated by Barack Hussein Obama and U.S. taxpayer dollars.

KKTV  The victim of the vicious sexual assault said that the Iraqi MUSLIM attackers were unhappy with the way they were treated in the United States. Five Iraqi nationals were arrested in connection with the case. Two are charged with the crime while all five are charged as accessories with the crime. Some of the victim’s injuries were described by police as being “rarely seen.”

According to police, the victim reported overhearing a scuffle involving several people at about 1:30 a.m. at the Wildridge Apartments on July 21. She works the night shift and was out checking her mailbox at the time. She decided to stand between the two groups of men in an attempt to calm them down. Following the fight, the victim told police she was invited inside an apartment by one of the men. There, she met three other men who were about 20 years old.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, the victim described a conversation with the men that centered on how unhappy they were with the treatment they received in the United States. The men also spoke about “the Untied States oppressing them and calling them terrorists.”

The victim told police the men reminded her of her own son and she wanted to help calm them down. She also sympathized because she had been in the military and previously lived in foreign countries. During their conversation, the victim was given what she believed was lemonade. Police say she has no recollection of what happened after that.

All of the suspects obtained a lawful permanent resident status within the past five years.

A spokesperson from the District Attorney’s office told 11 News Tuesday if the men are convicted they will serve their time here and then be deported. If they’re found not guilty they will likely still be sent back to Iraq.












MINNESOTASTAN: Sheriff reports to Congress on the violent crime wave by Somali MUSLIM Gangs that is endangering Americans

From BNI:

The sheriff of Hennepin County, Minn., told the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security on Wednesday about the danger of Somali MUSLIM gangs in his jurisdiction. And we can thank Barack Hussein Obama for having imported hundreds of thousands of Somali MUSLIM lowlifes, totally funded by U.S. taxpayers.

CNS NEWS (H/T Wyatt)  Rich Stanek represented the National Sheriffs’ Association at the hearing on “America’s Evolving Gang Threat.” He also serves on the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s inter-agency Threat Assessment and Coordination Group and is president of the Major County Sheriffs’ Association.

Stanek said Minnesota is a “designated U.S. Refugee Resettlement Area,” with a Somali population ranging from 80,000 to 125,000 in the state. As a result, Stanek said, while the African population in the U.S. as a whole is about four percent, 18 percent of the Minnesota population is African because of the large Somali MUSLIM presence.

“Somali MUSLIM gangs are unique in that they are not necessarily based on the narcotics trade as are other traditional gangs,” Stanek said, adding that “turf” is also not a motivating factor in Somali MUSLIM gang criminal activities.

“MUSLIM Gang members will often congregate in certain areas, but commit their criminal acts elsewhere,” Stanek said. “Criminal acts are often done in a wide geographic area that stretches outside of the Twin Cities seven county metro area. “Their mobility has made them difficult to track,” Stanek said.

Stanek listed five “typical crimes” committed by Somali MUSLIM gang members, including credit card fraud, cell phone and gun store burglaries, and sex trafficking, witness intimidation, with some of the criminal activity tied to international terrorism, Stanek said.

“In 2007, the local Somali MUSLIM community started to report that some of the youth in the area had essentially disappeared without warning,” Stanek said. “It was later learned that 20 young men had left Minneapolis to travel to Somalia to receive training and fight as members of al- Shabaab,  the Arabian peninsula arm of al-Qaeda..

“One individual had moved to Minneapolis as a teenager in 1993,” Stanek said. Following a shoplifting arrest, he fell into the violent street gang called the ‘Somali Hot Boyz.’ After a short period of time, he emerged as a recruiter for al-Shabaab, which eventually led him to leave Minneapolis for the Horn of Africa in 2008. “Later, it was learned this individual was killed in fighting between al-Shabaab and Somali MUSLIM government forces,” Stanek said.

According to the Health and Human Services’ Administration for Children and Families’ Office of Refugee and Resettlement, refugee programs and resettlement sites exist in 49 states and the District of Columbia and are operated through partnerships between the federal government and faith-based and other non-governmental refugee support organizations in those states and the District.

Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.), chairman of the subcommittee, opened the hearing with statistics on the gang threat in the United States. “According to the 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment there are approximately 1.4 million gang members belonging to more than 33,000 gangs in the United States,” Sensenbrenner said. “It has been reported that the number of gang members in the U.S. has increased by 40 percent since 2009.” (About the same time Barack Hussein Obama became president)

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