Homeland Security’s Large Ammo Purchases Signals Coming Martial Law or Civil Unrest!

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DHS plans revealed, sorry those are classified!

DHS purchases 7000 Assault Rifles

According to Radioviceonline.com the DHS solicited for purchase of 7000 fully automatic weapons back in July of 2012, referring to them as personal defense weapons in the request. It’s quite revealing that they choose to refer to them as their selected personal defense weapon, just as the administration is working to ban average Americans from owning the lessor semi-auto version. Fully automatic assault rifles are already banned, without a special permit. Then again, with the elitist mentality, they are allowed advantages that you aren’t, even when it comes to defending yourself.

I suppose that the DHS needed more weapons to use up the more than a billion rounds of ammo they’ve acquired.

Military and DHS preparations!

National Security or Police State?

Before long police or military checkpoints may be a common place sight in America.

Before long police or military checkpoints may be a common place sight in America.

Source: © 2012 MORGUEFILE
Recent purchases of 450 million rounds of .40 caliber hollow point ammunition by DHS, along with 175 million rounds of .223 rounds is enough to shoot every American twice!

Recent purchases of 450 million rounds of .40 caliber hollow point ammunition by DHS, along with 175 million rounds of .223 rounds is enough to shoot every American twice!

Source: © 2012 MORGUEFILE

Homeland Insecurities

Let me preface this hub with this statement, I love America and cherish our freedoms! I also want to voice my thanks to all our branches of the U.S. military: Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard and all the Special Forces who have sacrificed so much to defend and protect this nation and all civilians in this time of terrorism.

God bless these men and women who gave so much and laid down their health and lives for freedom. Thank you one and all.

Next, I would also like to thank all the branches of our law enforcement community; our local, state, and federal police agencies who work so diligently to keep us safe from crime, terrorism, and ourselves. This heartfelt thanks goes out to all the alphabet agencies as well; including the FDLE, FBI, CIA, NSA, ATF, Secret Service, and last but not least, Homeland Security, or DHS. While I know that this list is far from all inclusive, please forgive me I ran out of letters to use from my alphabet soup!

All joking aside, my sincere thanks go out to all of you who tirelessly do your job to keep America safe!

Reasons for Concern!

While recent revelations about the large purchases of ammo; amounting to 450 million rounds of .40 caliber hollow point bullets and 175 million rounds of .223 caliber bullets. This brings the total of .40 cal. bullets ordered in the last three years to 650 million rounds, that’s enough to shoot everyone in this country twice. Considering that the number of rounds used daily at the height of two wars going on with Iraq and Afghanistan was 5.5 million rounds a day, this equates to enough rounds of ammo for seven years of war.

According to recent reports on DHS ammo purchases, the figures are somewhere around 1.6 billion rounds. These figures are difficult to confirm, as the DHS is now redacting out the numbers on their recent purchases, according to this Oathkeepers article. Apparently, there was too much public backlash from previous purchases to continue with any transparency.

The number of rounds is reason for concern all by itself, while the real issue here seems to be that the majority of these are hollow point rounds. Since these are banned in warfare by the Hague Convention of 1899 and DHS is an agency for internal protection in the United States, there is reason for concern. Hollow points are also more expensive and therfore are not a bullet used at a firing range or for practice. Known for expanding upon impact causing more devastating injuries or death, these are considered perpetrator stoppers by law enforcement.

The question begs to be asked why does DHS need close to a billion bullets, almost half of which are hollow point bullets basically designed to kill? Although I’ve read about DHS being involved in a lot of arrests lately, but where are the shootouts that they are going through bullets so quickly? Since that isn’t the case, what is the reason for stockpiling so much ammo?

There are rumors of DHS whistle blowers that suggest that they are preparing for an American civil war, although at this time I found nothing to substantiate this rumor about DHS tattlers. The Intellhubcom reports of DHS purchases of 140 million packets of emergency food, as well as acquiring many bullet resistant checkpoints, many armored urban assault vehicles, along with the 750 million rounds of ammo certainly suggest enough preparations for a war of some sort.

Since this current administration declared last week that the war on terror was over, this recent stockpiling of supplies is enough to raise the eyebrows of most thinking Americans.

While these actions by civilians would raise government suspicions and possibly surveilance, shouldn’t we as citizens be concerned when our government agencies do the same? According to a DHS report released several years ago, the department was more concerned with “right-wing extremist groups” that make large weapons and ammo purchases in anticipation of government bans on such purchases in the future.

The report went on to elaborate on who these “right-wing extremists” are: including returning U.S. soldiers, Christians who hold beliefs that are against abortion, Constitutionalists, against illegal immigration, those opposed to big federal government and higher taxes, and the loss of U.S. sovereignty.

Recent reports of veterans being targeted for mental health evaluations, mostly for speaking out against government actions, have given new reasons to be concerned. Those targeted had merely excercised their rights to free speech, resulting in veterans being subjected to mental health detention and confiscation of their firearms. This tactic was similar to most of the infamous facist and communist dictators of the twentieth centuary; such as Mao, Hitler, and Stalin.

When these new concerns are added to previous FBI directives against fundamental Christians who believe the end-times prophecies of Armageddon, NWO (new world order), and world economic collapse and disasters, as being more of a threat than other declared, radical terrorists groups that have declared war with America, it seems to be that it is now “in vogue” to attack the religious beliefs of Christians within government institutions, even though their are constitutional protections against such attacks.

It’s quite interesting that this administration seems to attack the religious beliefs of Christians even while embracing Al queda and the Muslim Brotherhood as friends and allies. Imagine that? It’s little wonder that the so-called “War on Terror” has been declared as over. It must be time to declare new enemies of progress in this NWO. I believe Jesus said, “When all declare peace and safety, then sudden destruction comes in like a flood!”

While not trying to start new unwarranted conspiracy theories, it seems apparent that someone needs to keep an eye on those who watch us and are supposed to protect us!

Many other federal agencies have also recently purchased large amounts of ammo; such as the Social Security Administration, the Dept. of Education, the EPA, the Dept. of Health and Human Serv., and of course the IRS. This report states that the explanation given for all these agencies acquiring weapons and large amounts of ammunition is the possibility of natural disasters, terrorist attacks, or civil unrest, due to an economic collapse.

For those of you that want the truth of what’s going on with the DHS, it’s important that you read this investigative interview by Doug Haggman with a DHS insider. Even Jesus said that his people perish for lack of knowledge, that we should be aware, so that we are not deceived. According to this insider, we are in for a real sh*t storm, so be aware and be prepared.

According to this DHS insider, economic collapse, gun confiscation, and martial law or civil war are in America’s near future as planned events. History reveals that gun confiscation by governments almost always leads to oppression and genocide, we must be prepared and sound the alarm, as the forces of tyranny are certainly preparing. New gun laws to ban semi automatic weapons are not to save lives, but to make us defenseless against those who seek to control and oppress us, please heed these warnings. As Paul Revere rides yelling!

While we all mourn for the loss of the innocent lives lost in all the recent mass shootings, are these events being used politically now for taking away lawful citizens rights to own firearms? Get another perspective on the agenda of those who would deprieve you of your right to defend yourself, merely to oppress you more easily. Read this at: http://slcockerham.hubpages.com/hub/Gun-Control-Code-for-Prelude-to-Gun-Confiscation

Read about the DHS policy of catch and release terrorists at this new hub: http://slcockerham.hubpages.com/hub/Improvised-Explosive-Devices-Terrorists-Released-Preludes-to-Martial-Law-Agenda







Even Texas Parks and Wildlife Officers are armed to the teeth.

TPWD Scout Teams

TPWD Scout Teams

Source: Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept.

More News on DHS War Preparations

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