Economic Terrorism is a page right out of the Marxist play book for destroying Democracies

Economic Terrorism is a page right out of the Marxist play book for destroying Democracies. We are a Republic, using Democratic principals. What we ALL face right now, is a global collapse of the money systems. Here in US, our part is playing out by design of the stimulus packages and QE by the Fed.

Printing money creates a inflationary money train. Money train is right now by Fed QE pumped at a rate of 85 billion dollars a month. They have been doing that for years now, literally since 2009. Fed has already said, after 3rd quarter this year, they will be tapering the QE, meaning they will stop adding as much per month to economy.

Once Wall Street even starts to get within reach of that tapering, it will crack like the beginnings of an avalanche awaiting the end of the tapering sometime in 2014, then: slide! … because under that money train there is no: industrial base, no large amount of jobs open, exports down, imports up, debt to foreign banks (, infrastructure needs repair, etc…

Couple months back now, stocks slide 800+ points in one week. That was GWB’s 150B USD stimulus he put in 2008, rolling though the markets, equalizing the Money Supply down. Next one is Obama’s stimulus he put in 2009. Difference, Bush sent a check to every American. Obama created hundreds of new Government agencies (needing budget renewals), bailed out Wall Street banks, Car Companies, Countries via IMF, Big Corporations, Shared billions with middle east countries that hate our guts and how does one go about recouping that trillion++ dollars?

Check this out for your own benefits, because the money train we are riding high on right now (with no industrial base) is gonna come down hard soon, check these links out for example:

Stuff from 2008 crash:

Stuff currently:

Raw data from Fed:

Here is another cool site with charter:

Problem with US economy was never the Money Supply. It was and still is our industrial base. Tech, Ships, Planes, Trains, Cars, Trucks, food staples like wheat, OJ, etc… how much can be off shored until those things we should have been doing ourselves all along are going to be gone over night, in a world that is willing to throw us under the bus for just 5.6 trillion in foreign debt, let alone all the other obligations by law in US for SS, pensions, etc… is some ungodly number like 67 trillion, but hey let us deal with small numbers that the rest of the world will carve us up for.

“Whether you like it or not, history is on our side. We will dig you in” (“Нравится вам или нет, но история на нашей стороне. Мы вас закопаем”). In his subsequent public speech Khrushchev declared: “… We must take a shovel and dig a deep grave, and bury colonialism as deep as we can”. Later, on August 24, 1963, (remember, Kennedy was assassinated November 1963) Khrushchev remarked in his speech in Yugoslavia, “I once said, ‘We will bury you,’ and I got into trouble with it. Of course we will not bury you with a shovel. Your own working class will bury you,” a reference to the Marxist saying, “The proletariat is the undertaker of capitalism”, based on the concluding statement in Chapter 1 of the Communist Manifesto: “What the bourgeoisie therefore produces, above all, are its own grave-diggers. Its fall and the victory of the proletariat are equally inevitable”. See Wiki for the rest:

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