How to cancel your SSN # and birth certificate

Caveat: I have not done, this, but based on all I’ve read it makes a lot of sense.  Exercise at your own peril, if successful, please report back.

I’m here today to inform you that you have the right to cancel your Social Security Number and birth certificate… And reclaim your sovereignty from the unconstitutional United States Corporation. Tired of funding these never ending wars and bank/corporate bailouts? Try this!

How to cancel your Social Security Corporation
1) print out IRS form 966: corporate dissolution
2) under the corporation name put MR/MS/MRS/etc as appropriate and then your full name IN ALL CAPS.
3) under EIN put you SSN
4) under return type, check Other and write in “1040″
5) the rest of the info you can figure out.
6) above your signature write “Without Prejudice UCC 1-308″
7) make a copy for your records
8) send it into the IRS

This next year… Instead of filing taxes… Cancel them!

Why does this work? Your Social Security Number is actually a corporation and a second you. This stems from the idea of “corporate personhood.” The idea of giving corporations the rights of natural humans may seem utterly disgusting, but under Black’s legal dictionary the definition of “person” is a natural human or corporation. This is because they are trying to fool people into self identifying as their SSN corporation! Hence the need to give your Statutory person the rights of a natural human.

Another reason why this works is because of UCC 1-308. Please look it up. This is the code that reserves natural human rights and opts out of the UCC that you don’t know about. This is critical to understand because if a judge were to ever ask you what that means, it is only valid if you know. That is to say, presenting this paperwork to a statutory court, and understanding it, means they don’t have jurisdiction… Not only that but you also then have the Constitutional right to have any and all cases seen by a court of common law…. Or have the case dismissed and compensation dispensed for your troubles. You can tell the difference between a statutory court and a common court because statutory courts use American Flags with a gold fringed borders.

-Congratulations, you are a sovereign citizen that has reclaimed your constitutional rights!
-Using or claiming to be your invalid SSN is fraud
-You have the right to have all debts be denominated in Constitutional Money: ounces of gold and silver.
-You have the right to work without a SSN
-You have the right to be paid in ounces of gold or silver.
-You have the right to be treated as a corporation without a SSN but only with discrete opt-in consent.
-Filing taxes would be considered fraud due to need to fill in your invalid SSN. They also only collect unconstitutional Fed Notes which is most certainly not constitutional legal tender: gold or silver.
-Figuratively, all account linked to your statutory person are invalidated
-Technically, if gold or silver is offered and declined, the debt itself is nullified. This include mortgages, car loans, credit cards, student loans, federal and state taxes, etc.
-Anyone that calls to collect on an unconstitutional debt linked to your deceased “person”… asking to speak to you…. They are actually asking two questions… Do you still have a personal statutory corporation? And, do you still self-identify as your corporation? It would be fraud to say yes… As your corporation doesn’t exist anymore!
-You have the right to sign up for a new SSN
-No retirement benefits… As if they will be there when most of us retire. Lol
-You have the right to have all court cases seen by a court of common law or have the case dismissed due to the lack of Statutory Jurisdiction. Your corporate Statutory SSN straw-person is how all corporate statutory courts can claim jurisdiction and pull a fast one on us.

As of the time of this writing, most corporations do not accept gold or silver as legal tender. They are abridging our Constitutional Rights. This is why we must start actually going to stores with gold and silver and reclaim our Right to use this form of money.

Some stores accept gold and silver at US mint pressed denominations. This is tax fraud as they would be claiming to the IRS the face value of these coins instead of the IRS regulation of full trade value. These same stores do not recognize the face value of Constitutional bullion even though the face values are almost always present in the form of “one ounce .999 fine silver” or some such depending on the coin or bar.

When gold and silver are declined as tender, they are abridging their own and your own Constitutionally Guaranteed Rights. No one has the authority to abridge these right including store managers, managers in general, directors, CEOs, clerks, judges, and even the President of the (unconstitutional) United States Corporation. Btw, it was Nixon that took us off the gold standard even though he didn’t have the Enumerated Constitutional Right to do so.

It would be great to see ‪#‎occupy‬-spend-silver gathering in places like Whole Foods, Target, Lowes, etc, etc. This would be a great way to regain this Guaranteed right.

As far as solutions go for foreclosures… The bankers are most afraid of the #Occupy-my-house aspect of the #occupy movement because that stops their unconstitutional fraudulent business model. FYI, every mortgage is fraud due to breaking double entry accounting standards during loan originations (accounting fraud), the lack of consideration [non-legalese: skin in the game] in every loan by every bank (contract fraud), and the money doesn’t meet the definition of legal tender (constitutional fraud).

All that said, how about our birth certificates? Well, these certificates are actually printed on financial bond certificates. On the back, there is a red number that defines the financial bond, that is you and is publicly traded!

That is to say, corporate personhood is fraud… So is our birth certificate.

How to cancel a birth bond:
1) print out a birth certificate change form; some financial birth bonds have a change form on the back.
2) enter these three field to be changed: State file id number, date of birth, and “name” as per stated on the bond.
3) enter the values as currently indicated
4) leave the change-to values blank
5) find a religious reason for cancelation. Reincarnation is a great reason. The soul is not born when the body is… It existed before and will exist after we pass on. Internet search for a reincarnation quote from a Zen Buddhist/Daoist master and print it out with a statement like “I am canceling my birth certificate because my soul existed before I was born”
6) above your signature write “Without Prejudice UCC 1-308″
7) make a copy for your records
8) send it in to your state location

This terminates the fraud known as the birth bond.

Rat fact: in Commonwealth states their birth certificates call the person a Subject! This is odd given that most people say that the term Commonwealth is simply antiquity. This term traditionally indicates that the territory is literally owned by the Queen of England. Given that Commonwealth citizens are defined as SUBJECTs by their birth bond…. The probability of the term Commonwealth being “just antiquity” is about zero. Subjects are only defined in relation to the Queen… Just like Canada. Non-commonwealth states use more typical terms like “child’s name” or “name.”

Hopefully this helps move things forward for the #Occupy movement.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this… And possibly spreading it around!

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