Switzerland: Gateway to the Alps and Gateway to Hell


It is pretty much now confirmed. The Gates of Hell are in this alpine nation we know as Switzerland. Where exactly, is a little unclear. Conspiracy theorists are torn between two locations, the new Gotthard tunnel and the CERN particle accelerator in Geneva.

The internet, which proffers a truth to every conceivable oddball, is abuzz with Switzerland’s most recent satanic showcase on June 1 – the opening ceremony of the Gotthard tunnel. If you missed it, it went something like this: A giant mechanised worm eats deep into the bowels of hell to the delight of a half-naked demonic angel, Lucifer, lesbians, pagans, demons, goat gods and catatonic orange zombies in front of the delighted elite of The New World Order.

The ceremony was captured in all its terrible glory by Swiss television. It was also edited and re-captioned and re-broadcast by lesser-known media practitioners, mostly American, with names such as Vigilant CitizenBible False Prophet, Now the End BeginsA Watchman of the SwordThe New AmericanThe End of the American DreamProphecy News WatchBefore it’s NewsTruNews and a host of other whacky “religious” people who have a computer and feel that the world, like that strawberry yoghurt in your fridge, is well passed its use-by-date. If you don’t believe me, google “Gotthard + Satan”. On second thoughts, make yourself a garlic necklace, keep reading and google later.

The world applauded the Gotthard Tunnel as an engineering feat par excellence. But the opening ceremony, choreographed by Volker Hesse, was “out of this world”.  It will probably rank highly in the top 10 weirdest opening ceremonies ever. But, for those on the fringe with dark tunnel vision, the Gotthard opening was evidently a satanic ritual; an underworld treat that would have filled Hades with pride.

Here are some reviews from five different websites:

“The Gotthard Tunnel dedication ceremony was blatant Satanic ritual. Satan seized the opportunity to glorify himself and desecrate the high place of Europe in the year 2016, for sanctification.  The European leaders went along with it because Satan as the world ruler installed them.”

“The satanic and sodomite imagery surrounding the opening of the tunnel showed the artistic and religious preferences of the globalist elite. The opening of the Tunnel was a symbolic anti-Сhristian act of devil-worship. The post-modernist show tied with old imagery such as a goat-man was an obvious message.”

“The official Opening Ceremonies of the  Gotthard Base Tunnel was nothing other then a New World Order Satanic Ritual where CERN met the tunnel head on in a bizarre ritual of sex, sex and more sex.”

“The occult elite is focused on power and symbolism. The above ceremony unveiled both of them. Through the opening ceremony of the world’s deepest and longest tunnel, the occult elite tells the world that they control the world’s resources as well as manpower.”

“If you decide to watch it, please pray both before and after to protect yourself from the dark spiritual forces that were celebrated and lifted up in their presentation.”

It’s not the first time Switzerland has disturbed “the righteous”. Some say it began when Swiss hell-raiser DJ BoBo performed Vampires Are Alive at the 2007 Eurovision song contest.

But DJ BoBo is satanic small fry, mere apocalyptic plankton, compared to the CERN particle accelerator. Those that live in the online shadows are convinced CERN is a “Stargate”, a portal to another world. In this case, the other world is hell. See if you can pick which is which.

Yes, they are both unusually round in shape. Websites like Vigilant Citizen cajole its readers to open their eyes:“Come on people. Wake up! Coincidence? I think not.”

The beforeitsnews.com website reveals in an article titled “Stargate to Hell”, that “CERN is a central key location and site for a gateway to open for Cernunnos/Pan/Saturn/Satan/demonic forces to manifest in this dimension. This must occur for the elite’s NWO (New World Order) Anti-Christ beast system.”

It seems those teeny-weeny particles travelling at the speed of light will have plenty of company.

Even The Wall Street Journal  acknowledged the righteous fringe with an article titled: CERN Is Seeking Secrets of the Universe, or Maybe Opening the Portals of Hell.

Don’t say you weren’t warned. You may be unaware that CERN (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire) is in fact short for the Celtic horned God, Cernunnos (below)?

“Come on people. Wake up! Open your eyes. Coincidence? I think not.”

Just in case you do bump into “reindeer man” in the Migros while restocking on strawberry yoghurt you might want to give him directions back to CERN. Tram 18 is quickest and most direct.

Yes, of course, tram 18. As you know 18 is often associated with the moon and the tarot card 18 shows the moon dripping tears which indicates that the material is trying to destroy the spitirual.

“Come on people. Wake up! Open your eyes. Coincidence? I think not.”