Navy Commander Assassinated In Florida Tied To 9/11


(by Mort Amsel, BIN) — 

UPDATE:  Doss’ career with the Navy was noteworthy for various reasons, including his being part of a team told by terrorist Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, of his role as a mastermind behind 9/11, according to a 2012 story in The Bolivar (Miss.) Commercial, Doss’ hometown newspaper.

Is this why he was killed/ Because ofhis connection to 9/11?  And what, if any, connection is this to the recent death of two former Navy SEALs on a ship, the Maersk Alabama?  This is getting interesting…

The death of a Navy Commander found in a room at the Astoria Hotel on Feb. 12 was ruled a homicide, the Orange Park Police Department announced Wednesday.

The Jacksonville Medical Examiner’s Office made the ruling on Feb. 13 in the death of Alphonso Doss, 44, of Pensacola, according to the release from the OPPD.

Doss’ manner of death is not being released at this time while the OPPD and the Clay County Sheriff’s Office investigate.

Another one bites the dust.  Was this guys death part of Obama’s purge of the military?Why did this guy have to die?  Many questions surround this man’s death at the moment,hopefully more will be known at a later date.  Stay tuned…

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