Psyops and History

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Political Party Psyops

Keep in mind that the two parties we have in America are no better than each other. We are seeing time after time, exposure of the same corruption from both sides. So there is no party that stands morally above the other. Even our last POTUS, 45, came not as GOP, but as a businessman to run. He took the label of GOP so he had some backing, but he was not a politician at all.


Spiritual Psyops

From the beginning we were asked, “has not God said?” to question what indeed we already heard from our Father. This question of a fact was to raise doubt and to garner support. The net result we read in scripture is “we lost our title to the planet” and the deceiver, by default, won title.

So when people ask you, “why is there evil in the world?” you have to look at who owns the title. For the time being, the deceiver (Ha-Satan in hebrew) has that title, even though our Messiah has won back the keys to death and the grave. So while we live in this world, until our Messiah instantiates his government (read in Revelation the 1000 yr reign) we are subject to an evil government.

This is so contrary to what “new age” and “modern” christianity teach, their teachings say, “we won” or “God won” and technically that’s correct, but it’s not the reality we live in now and won’t be until the Messiah returns.

So with that first spiritual psyop, we trace many more throughout history. We read in Enoch of all the wonderful technologies and secrets that were shared with humankind. These things were forbidden knowledge and were never meant for us, but have been perpetuated as “dark arts” throughout the milleniums. For a deeper understanding, get a copy of The Lost Book of Enoch which is also available on Audible.

What’s interesting about this information is that the documentation of it (Enoch, Jubilees, Esdras) were all considered scripture when Messiah walked the earth. Enoch is one of the most quoted books in the NT. Yet about 500 years back the universal church removed it trimming down the books of the “sanctioned” KJV to 66 books.

Ask yourself, why would they remove books, quoted in the NT, considered scripture in the 1st century? You’ll find Enoch opens with the first verse explaining it was written for the last generation, the ones to see the end come to be (and this is written long prior to Revelation which in many verses, mirrors the same prophecies).

So if it’s written for the last generation, why would the “church” remove it and discourage you reading it? It’s because with knowledge comes power. Your knowing what’s coming empowers you and enables you to walk prepared.

Even when the Messiah was here, the Pharisees of the day had their own “system” on top of the Torah, that is what Yeshuah raided the temples for and denounced them as vipers, because they were adding to Moeshe (Moses in hebrew) instructions given to us from the Father at Sinai. So the religious leaders of that day, indeed had their own psyop to hide the truth from the people.


Modern “Churchianity”

More recently with the culling of proper scripture to less than that of the 1st century, churches teach contrary to Moeshe’s instructions.  Here’s a few prime examples:

Modern churches teach all the law/instructions/Torah is done away, yet Yeshuah said in Matt 5:16-19 that none of that is done away until all is fulfilled. We still have 1/3 of prophecy to be fulfilled in the OT, so this still stands as the guide for our behaviors.

4th commandment says to observe the shabbat and keep it set apart (holy), yet the universal church changed the day in 325AD and even the protestant churches now observe the apostate day

Modern churches demand tithes, found in the instructions (torah, first five books of the bible), yet they contradict that instruction by saying all the “instructions” aka law has been done away

Throughout the NT, you find “if we love Him, we will keep his commandments” yet no one is observing the instructions/torah as it says.

We read in Yeshuahs’ own words and revelation that he will separate the pretenders from those that walk his path, “depart from me you who practice lawlessness” if the law is done away, then why would He say that?

There are so many other “deceptive” practices in the modern church that in Revelation the Messiah calls us “out of her” to be set apart and walk with Him. Personally for me, I heard that call 4 years ago, even though I thought I was a follower for almost 40 years. Ask yourself, are you walking His instructions? That is His guideline when He separates us.


Future Psyops Coming

We read of one that will deceive everyone even the very ones that walk with the Messiah if it were possible. He will come with great signs and wonders, you have to ask, “can I tell the difference today?” if not, you need to study the instructions (as that’s the heart and mind of our Messiah) and then cling to Him for His guidance and spirit.

Those that follow this “beast” will indeed be lost forever, those that resist will likely be executed in the very last days. Even the apostles all died grisly deaths in that first century, so don’t expect anything less during this last time. If you stand for Yeshuah, you will be the enemy of all those that follow this “beast” and they will want you dead.


Shabbat Shalom