WWG1WGA – Where We Go One, We Go All

Over the last couple years we have been semi-openly fighting a battle against evil.  It sounds like something out of Hollyweird, but the reality is we indeed have been fighting for what’s morally right vs. what’s corrupt and worthless.  This includes human trafficking, bribes, kickbacks, elite laws (all for thee, not for me), calling riots protests and more.  This is all coming to a point where everything that has been done, won, fought will be exposed to the public over a period of days where they will be “red pilled” much like the Matrix and some will have serious questions, others will continue in denial (aka cognitive dissonance).  As those of us that have followed, tracked and documented these pieces of history it is our responsibility to share what they are seeing and provide answers (or point them to them).  Prepare folks, the world is about to change.