The great deception

We’re in a very polarizing time, we are seeing the dismantling of a very large, corrupt, evil cabal that has survived for centuries with monetary manipulation, political deceptions, human trafficking, sacrifices and so much more.

We see a group clustered around solving the problem, but we learn in scripture that if you bind the strongman and cast him out, but don’t place a stronger guard in place, that same strongman will return with a vengeance with his colleagues and the situation will be worse that it was before.

If the Q movement is successful, they will have ousted the strongman and executed vengeance on those that have done these evil things in the name of their “jesus” that they are using, and I don’t take this part lightly.  That “jesus” isnt found in the scriptures of the 1st century.  J as a letter isn’t hebrew, it’s latin.  The truth is they’re praying to someone that doesnt exist the way they think he does.  The Messiah’s hebrew name is Yeshuah son of Yahuah that’s why the scripture in Matthew makes sense, his derived name says he will be their Savior for their sins.  No ‘jesus’ name can do that from what I’ve read (it didn’t exist in the 1st century).

So with that in mind, if we cast out the evil, not having any spiritual authority (the deceiver can give in pretending to be vanquished) he will return with others and indeed do exactly what we read later at the end of Matthew and in Revelation.  He will execute death, destruction, and more to extract all the pain and suffering for being thrown out. His goal from the beginning was to kill all mankind, and that is still his mission today.  Hence the toxins in the vaccines, the toxins in the waters, the toxins in the foods…


So what do we take from this?

    1. Know your Messiah, Yeshuah is the son of the Almighty Yahuah
    2. Know what he says to do, that’s “follow me”
    3. Know what following means – He walked all of the Torah and through out the NT (17x) we see that “we love Him if we obey Him” & “we love Him when we follow His commands”
    4. Yeshuah said “I bring nothing of my own, but only what the Father has given us” that’s the Torah…He brought nothing new, so start to learn what being obedient means


Things that made me consider my walk almost 4 years ago and why the churches taught so opposite of what is found in scripture were these first questions:

    1. The ten commandments are God’s law
    2. God’s law is not negotiable
    3. Why are we not worshipping on His sabbath then? He didn’t change it anywhere. almost a dozen times we see the apostles in Acts observing the feasts and sabbath…not abolished
    4. Many of the instructions (commonly called law) are appointed times that are significant to the Father and listed as “perpetual” (without end)
    5. if they’re without end, and our Father isn’t a split personality, what makes anyone think they’re no longer practiced?
    6. Furthermore, if something is called clean vs. unclean in God’s eyes, nothing can be done to make unclean ok.
    7. Yeshua said, I come to fulfill the law (not end it)…fulfill does not mean end. Many teachers, pastors, ministers teach it’s over…
    8. if that’s true the law then becomes irrelevant, I can steal, murder, commit adultery, etc…which none of those above would agree
    9. if the law is gone, so is tithing, so quite asking for one, again, they would argue with you…the tithe btw, was always agricultural…so start bringing produce you grew to the basket and see what happens
    10. there are so many modern church false teachings all seem to stem from about 326AD at the Council of Nicea where sabbath and other practices were outlawed


Great resources for learning that I leveraged early in my walk were these Youtube channels


May your walk with your messiah be refreshed and may you find Shalom (peace) in doing so.