You Have a Religious Ailment


So unlike most, I won’t slam all these people for their hypocrisy, but instead I’ll show you what I see, and we’ll examine what the word of our Father says.  In light of that word, you can make up your own mind.  Remember though, there is nothing that supersedes our Fathers words, nothing.

Let’s start with our plumb line, the measuring line, the thing that can’t be argued with, the word of our Father in heaven.

D’varim (Deu) 13:1 CJB – “Everything I am commanding you, you are to take care to do. Do not add to it or subtract from it.

Those are strong words, let’s take that in context though.  This was while Moses (Moshe in Hebrew) was giving the core instructions we now refer to as the Torah.  Some call it the law of God, but the reality is it’s the instructions for living.

When we examine those instructions we find about 200 for men, about 200 for women and about 200 that straddle either/or but are for priests (levites, not the catholics), poor, widowed, fatherless, employers, employees, etc. So when Yeshuah (you might call him Jesus from the 15th century Latin, but his Hebrew name is proper) told us that

Mattityahu (Mat) 11:30 CJB – For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

he was referring to the 200 or so that apply to each of us vs. the 1000’s that the Pharisees were trying to enforce.  So then and there he began calling out religious leaders and their “adding to” the Torah.

As Moshe ended his sermon giving the instructions he closed with “don’t add or subtract from this” as a warning.  Funny, we even read that again at the end of Revelation as a warning about the prophecy of the end, not to add or subtract from it. So perhaps reading Revelation with a keen eye might be helpful?

So now we know that Yeshuah’s focus was being obedient to the instructions.  He had to otherwise He would never be acceptable as the human sacrifice to redeem any/all that would receive Him. So we and all our religious leaders are to do the same, so let’s examine a few.

The Sabbath

The Sabbath is the 4th commandment and since it’s mentioned even in the 1st chapter of Genesis as something the Father created for us (not us for it) we should take advantage of it.  The Sabbath is the last day of the week, commonly we call this Shabbat, it’s Saturday.  By all biblical reasoning, contrary to our common experience, the day closes at sunset and begins at sunrise. The transition (night) typically is accepted as the start of that new day.

So the Sabbath begins by all measure at sunset on Friday’s and lasts until sunset on Saturday. So you have to ask, why do the churches emphasize the 1st day of the week and try to label it as a sabbath? We find around 325AD the Council of Nicea and the universal (aka catholic) church decided to change the sabbath to cajole the pagan worshippers that they could come and be part of the assembly.  This outright disobedience was the first outward sign of corrupting the way found in the book of Acts. Their argument is “it’s ok, even the disciples did it” but you find nowhere in the Book of Acts or the Epistles any proof of that, in fact they were adamant about obedience to the Torah.

The Law

Funny, another argument they have is “the law was abolished when Messiah was crucified, it was nailed to the cross” but if we examine all the scriptures what we find is the “penalty for the law” was nailed to the cross, not the law itself.  Furthermore, we read in Matt 5:17-19

“Don’t think that I have come to abolish the Torah or the Prophets. I have come not to abolish but to complete. Yes indeed! I tell you that until heaven and earth pass away, not so much as a yud or a stroke will pass from the Torah — not until everything that must happen has happened. So whoever disobeys the least of these mitzvot and teaches others to do so will be called the least in the Kingdom of Heaven. But whoever obeys them and so teaches will be called great in the Kingdom of Heaven. 


So keep in mind, the law is not gone. We’re now free from it’s penalty, but we don’t run wild.  We start observing his instructions as a sign of our love.  We all know Messiah is the only redemption for us, but our obedience shows we take it seriously. Anyone that continues to sin, does so to their own destruction.  We read:

Messianic Jews (Heb) 10:26 CJB – For if we deliberately continue to sin after receiving the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins

So don’t for a moment believe you are now free to do your own thing.  There are ways to approach our holy/set-apart Father and if we disobey, we heap our own destruction on ourselves.

The Tithe

So along with their disobedience (our religious leaders) they bear the utmost hypocrisy, they state the law has been done away, yet they demand a tithe as if they were the temple in Jerusalem.  If you read the history of the tithe, it’s to bring it to Jerusalem for other purposes, we read in Leviticus many different types of tithes, but it’s important to note, without exception they were produce from the fields and livestock, not cash.  Take some produce to the collection plate next time and see what happens.

The one exception to this is if you can’t get to Jerusalem to present your tithes and offerings, then you’re to sell your tithes (produce/livestock), collecting the cash for it, buy the appropriate offering, then sacrifice it with the family and consume it with them. But they never sent cash ahead as a tithe.

15 Richest preachers

Gifts or offerings are another matter, but that’s not what our church leaders are demanding. They are fleecing the flock and here’s a great list of 15 of the mega fleecers that everyone should be aware of, these folks should never collect this type of wealth, that is not what our Messiah was about.  He fed, clothed, healed and taught to everyone, he never had a house to his name, nor a pillow to his head, so if he set the example, we are to follow it to the best of our ability.

The struggle Paul talks about with regards to marriage.  He states plainly that a man that’s married can’t just focus on the things of the Father, but has to focus on the things of the world to provide for his bride. Nothing wrong with that, it just makes a dedicated focus of time hard to accomplish since you owe your bride that time.

The Feasts

We find in Leviticus 23, 7 appointed times, moedim is the Hebrew word, where we are to meet with the Father at his instructions, in addition to our weekly moedim (the Shabbat/sabbath). those appointed times are diverse.  Some are somber, some are quick, some are teaching a lesson, most importantly, some are celebrations.  We are to take them seriously and as we read in each of them, they are perpetual.  So until the heavens and earth ends, we are to observe these things. These are in stark contrast to a few that the church plays with.


Pagan Celebrations

There are ancient celebrations that we no longer teach people in history class.  Many were violent, bloody and despicable (child sacrifice was involved) as a result they were denounced by the Father and anytime the nation of Israel entered a land they were instructed to destroy all of the inhabitants and their livestock.  There’s a lot to unpack there that we won’t do now, but read the Lost Books of Enoch, Jubilees and Esdras if you want to understand why that was so important.  These books were considered the scriptures at the time of Messiah on earth, the fact they were removed only 500 yrs ago tells you that the evil leaders inserted in the church didn’t want you to know their facts (you would then know what’s coming shortly).


Christmas is not a celebration of the Messiah’s birth.  he was born months earlier during the time the shepherds were in the fields.  no shepherds are in the fields in December. So who are we celebrating? Nimrod, Chemoz, he goes by many names, but he is not the Messiah, he is his opposite and celebrated on/around Saturnalia.

Easter is not a celebration of the resurrection but a celebration of Ishtar, the pagan fertility and sex goddess.  The Greeks called her Artemis, she is the bare breasted fertility goddess emerging from the egg. You’ll find her statue at the entrance to Sedona, AZ. She is still with us, and we’ve seen her in the planned parenthood offices. She always demanded a child sacrifice and they would color eggs with the blood, by which male worshippers could choose their temple prostitute by her egg. Coloring eggs, rabbits, all of it is fertility and sex related, nothing to do with the resurrection.

Halloween. Why bother with this? Deception, trickery, all called against in scripture. We’re told how innocent it is, yet we find that’s not the case. The lies, deceptions, “trick or treat” threats are all part of the enemies plans, teaching children early on, that “its ok” to do this.

So what do we do about these religious leaders? Scripture is clear if we lived in the theocracy found in the early part of Israels history what we should do, but we need to step out of the deceptions and not be part of it. We’re told that light can have no part with darkness. That’s a hard message to swallow, but our Messiah said He would cause people to be at odds with each other about this, so we were warned, not everyone is going to go with obedience.

Many are perfectly fine with a lukewarm interpretation of scripture, but we are told what happens to those that don’t walk the talk from the Torah. They aren’t found in the kingdom. We’re also told those that teach the Torah/instructions will be great in the kingdom, so if that’s what we read in scripture, why would anyone think any of it is done away?

Give it some thought, but don’t ignore it.

So the worst part we are now facing is the intermingling of new age beliefs just like the pagan worship in 325AD into our walk with the Messiah.  I will state plainly right now, that’s a lie, that’s deceit and an ugly Satanic deception.

Anyone who talks about Ascension, vibrations, light workers or shifting (not found anywhere in scripture) is teaching doctrines found in new age beliefs and not found anywhere in scripture. Scripture is our guide, nothing more.

Remember above, we neither add nor take away from any of that. Should you teach anything that adds to or removes from, you are cursed. Not my words, but those of Moses from the Father. Do not for a moment believe they are walking with the Messiah, they are teaching dark spirits beliefs.

May He have mercy on your disobedience and teaching lies to the masses if you are doing this.