Muslim Student Challenges Jewish Professor, He Shuts Her Up On The Spot

Editor-In-Chief of NewsReal Blog, David Horowitz gave a lecture at UC San Diego to combat the ‘Muslim Students Association’s Israeli Apartheid Week’, what some are referring to ‘Hitler Youth Week’. During the question & answer portion of the talk, David had an interesting and bone-chilling encounter with a member of the MSA. He then went ahead to reveal the real intention of her visit to the meeting.

What happens in this video is so chilling, it feels almost like its scripted and that it could be in a movie. Wait for her last 2 words. They are stunningly racist and extremely hateful.

As stated by David Swindle over at NewsReal Blog, whats shocking is not the fact that she holds the views but rather she is so willing to admit it.

Watch the chilling confrontation below:

This is the reality of what’s happening in America currently. Not only is this happening in America, but it has been happening for decades in the UK, which is the largest growing muslim population currently (if you weren’t aware). We are in battle with ‘Islamic Nazis’, as David Swindle calls them, who openly and constantly call for another holocaust.

If you aren’t convinced that is a totalitarian enemy that seeks to overtake the current culture of America, you are living in a cave.

Wake up, America.

The enemy is at your doorstep. Fight vigilantly, and do everything with truth and understanding. Do not fall for what liberals are calling ‘tolerance’.

This backwards ‘tolerance’ is disarming what America stands for. Don’t just sit in disgust or disagreements. Set aside politics and bad together to rid the world of evil like this.

This isn’t about politics, it’s about what’s right.

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