Conundrums of a Dead Case: The day Adam Lanza Died

April 30, 2014

A new piece of information, from Swansong, of InsaneMedia [This file comes courtesy of Wolfgang Halbig/Thomas Lapp of Sandy Hook Justice via an apparent FOI request: significantly confirms a much earlier minor detail, I included in my post “And now a word from our Debunkers”

Adam Lanza death master  file

Now look at the date 1/22/2013 and the date of the “Statement of Death” 1-15-13—- and of course the day of death 12-13-2012…. A simple question:  why is the suspect officially dead the day before the crime? If one wanted to claim it was just a minor mistake, how exactly does one over-look the fact there is seven days between the two documents? An anomaly this serious cannot be ignored and yet so it has, having been tossed to that big, smelly pile of “conspiracy theory”  almost from day one.

As I pointed out in that earlier posting, the thin-skinned, media debunkers were purposely distorting the facts to evade the actual questions, posed by so many people simply asking for a better explanation to the tragedy as reported. For example:

“The damning fact is Nancy was already reported dead, well before her body was officially found. So it is not just a tiny mistake that she was reported as a dead teacher, in the K-class she was teaching and the excuse for this bold-lie is why the Nurse was subject to its consequences,  —-”those [conspiracy] theories are all manufactured lies.” —  but the boldest lie was never started by any conspiracy theory, in fact quite the opposite. Did the net gossipers start claiming Nancy was never a Teacher and was actually killed in her own bed? No…. people were dumb-founded that the story radically changed from one “state” to another with no rational explanation for why the mistake was made at all.”

At the time there was no way to verify or refute the Death Master File Report, so I included the following quote:

The mistake may not have been made by the Social Security Administration. The Death Master File — a database with information on millions of dead people that is used to prevent identity theft — is compiled from the social security records of Americans whose deaths have been reported to the Social Security Administration. Whoever reported Lanza’s death may have made the error.

Now here we are a year and a few weeks later and this “Statement of Death” so obtained by a FOI request by Mr. Halbig verifies the DMF record. The lead SUSPECT has now been “officially” removed from the CRIME! And may I point out not by the law enforcement officials in sole charge of this investigation, who clearly had access to both records from day one, but in spite of their efforts to hide this damning piece of the puzzle. The investigators used every trick of the law, many which they made up themselves, to keep this vital piece of information from ever being seen by the public, for a reason, and that reason is obviously not good. Like so many other “Bad Anomalies” of which this case has too many, and which made no sense in the context of the crime, as reported, the mainstream media has done nothing, but play along with this sordid show. No doubt for the exceptionally high coverage/ratings so produced. Which of course goes right to the heart of this foul crime: that would be the money.

Another major anomaly, I discovered, when investigating the many pictures which were being used by the media, as traced back to REX FEATURES/SIPA were these two pictures of Mr. Gene Rosen:


Image/credit Hour Photo/Alex von Kleydorff.

“How did this photographer manage to find Mr. Rosen so early on the morning of the 14th? How could a random photographer know Mr. Rosen had such a story before there even was a story? Why is the creation date just before 6:00 am Dec 14th?” This photo is undeniable evidence of the prior planning of the crime, of which Adam Lanza had no means of staging, much less committing.”

I also noted the fact he changed his living room decor for the second picture (top) and recreated his weird stance over the pile of stuffed toys. Quite creepy actually… What was so wrong with the first picture(above) that this room required a slightly different “look” on the following Monday? Mr. Rosen had to change this room over the weekend, so there had to be a reason for this effort. Also keep in mind that the second picture(top) was the one which was found in hundreds of stories, while the first one was only used in a few. The real issue is of course the time the pic was snapped… WELL before the incident actually occurred. What amazed me was the lack of any interest in what the details of so many photo’s proved well beyond a doubt: This entire “crime” was purposely staged well in advance of the incident itself.

The mistakes involved here are not trivial. This is no minor case of allowing a few harmless errors in the general news coverage, but instead involves the deliberate altering of facts so contrived, to convince a horrified Nation— that a major crime had taken place upon innocent schoolkids and teachers. The amount of planning to accomplish this “crime” had to be years in advance and that is the simple reason so many of the “pictures” were already on the SIPA site. And take note only the victims, or families were already on file. This proves the “victims” were already chosen, and were not the “random” targets of a deranged killer. Which of course leads us back to the alleged suspect.

The question now posed is: Who killed Adam Lanza and why?

If a shy, strange, young adult was going to be framed for the mass-murders of so many children, plus adults, including his own mother, that suspect has to have no redeeming features… he would need to be vilified with the full power and cooperation of the media. The portrayal of the suspect was too perfect to be ordinary… a literal bone-thin man whose body strength was so severely diminished it is a wonder he could even get out of bed. And yet he allegedly carried out this crime, with a level of cold-blooded determination, that even Rambo would find impossible. The mental psychology coupled with the extreme lack of physical strength, described of the suspect, in relation to the actions, and required Motive, is not supported by the official report; much less, any of the propaganda, thinly disguised by the major media hype, as genuine facts. Lanza was tried and successfully convicted by the media alone.

Therefore, to make the crime more believable, Adam Lanza had to be portrayed as some kind of natural-born killer, who was ready to snap, long before the dirty deed itself was done. None of the gruesome “assertions” had any factual backed evidence, only innuendo and blatant Hearsay, of the worst kind. The only conclusion I could make of these paper-thin assertions, liberally tossed all over the net, was that nobody really knew anything of substance of this alleged suspect, and the only person, who could have successfully defended him, was also murdered.  That too, is a motive and a much stronger one, than the nonsense puffed out of the media pipes. The sorry-ass condition of the investigation, allowed this travesty to happen on purpose, and that too, is no coincidence.

Just as the school pictures were really awful fabrications, so too, were so many of the victims photographs, that I only found a few that seemed real at all. The Art of Prejudice is in the lies so concealed by the reactions wanted. This entire crime was dealt right to the heart like a sledgehammer. People react very powerfully when kids are concerned, and to take wholesale advantage of that natural instinct is what this crime was wrapped around like a python, putting on the death squeeze. As a result, a substantial amount of money soon poured out from a multitude of grief, stricken Americans. Taking advantages of such circumstances, in a criminal context, is also called a scam, or a con… as in the people were used as Marks for a “Grifter” deluxe skim. But of course, people having been taken in by this evil scam, are not going to want to hear anything contrary, to what they already believe. That is why this scam worked. The manipulations of mind and emotions is something that one once heard as another “Madison Avenue” tactic… only today nobody makes use of that term as it once was so employed. Without Adam P. Lanza as the prime suspect how does this crime stay on the rails?

Having been convicted by the mass-media, in name only produces a curious result. What kind of man would allow his wife and son to be whole-sale slandered without any kind of lawful rebuttal? The man in question, is well placed in the thicket of such men, who can well afford to take apart such flimsy accusations, like a hot-knife through butter. And yet this man has done absolutely nothing. Not a peep from that no good brother as well. Does that man benefit from the early demise of his ex-wife? Sure does seem that way as Motives are usually so inclined to the money so involved. A man has a right to remain silent and so this one has to a rather significant degree. It really is too convenient how all of those odd-ball pieces to this rotten puzzle are actually protecting the guilty while scapegoating the innocent.

There is NO proof that a suspect named Adam P. Lanza committed this crime.

There is plenty of proof that a crime was in fact committed. The trouble is most Americans having been suckered into believing the “media story” reinforced by the officials in charge, will not bother to look or even consider the actual facts staring them in the eye, so to speak. One mistake is questionable, but two such mistakes considering the circumstances is impossible. America has convicted the wrong party, for the wrong reasons and until that seriously, defective injustice has been rectified, the Sandy Hook crime remains unsolved by notorious indifference to the facts.

The “Devil” is in the details.

And he apparently lives in Newtown Connecticut.

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