Dozens of Cops Dispatched to Shut Down ‘Illegal’ Lemonade Stand


Do you suffer from Empirus Americanitus? The symptoms consist of a puffed out chest, lowered IQ, desire for violence, and a tendency to engage in and maintain illogical processes of thought. If you have three or more of these symptoms you should seek out a library straightaway. Immediately cease all television consumption and begin gardening therapy. The lack of violent stimulation, a lesser ignorance, and healthy diet should cure your Empirus Americanitus in just a few short weeks.

But seriously folks, at what point did America cross the threshold into the world of ridiculousness? Deploying dozens of police officers to shut down a lemonade stand is laughable. But it is also Orwellian. Has the state gotten so large that it must control all forms of human exchange no matter how small? What’s next, will we have to file for a permit to have children? Or request a permit to even seek out a spouse?

All empires reach the inevitable point of a government so large and corrupt that all human interaction must be exploited by the state. The Leviathan must be fed, and it is at the expense of the ones that it claims to serve. Luckily we live in the age of the internet. Individuals are educating themselves to the unjust system that is being built around us and resisting it, peacefully. If you want an over-regulated, crony system of special interest pandering, under the table deals, and a violent police state, please, remain apathetic and dismissive to the signs of autocracy. But, if you see the machine for what it is, a gang of murderous thieves imposing their will through the barrel of a gun, it is your duty to disobey.

People like Rosa Parks, Henry David Thoreau, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, John Locke, and Mahatma Gandhi, all disobeyed, they did it peacefully, and their actions changed the world for the better. Civil disobedience is a powerful statement that is hard to ignore. So grow that front yard garden, start that lemonade stand, and remember, that good people disobey bad laws.

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