X Factor Winner Reveals Worlds Secret Religion of Ancient Babylon

The story is one of old, one that many “intellectuals” today think they’re too educated to believe.  From the beginning there’s been this battle of good vs. evil, right vs. wrong, Yahuah (God) vs. Ha-Satan (devil) and it’s still here with us today undercover.  What’s interesting/horrifying is that there are a dozen satanic bloodlines that actually rule the world.  It’s common knowledge that Rothschilds have played both sides of wars funding both, driving both into receivership, just to win a war.  That’s just one.  Take a couple hours and see the proofs, understand that no one achieves elite success status without the elite first vetting them, and then indoctrinating them into their religion.  Unless you swear allegiance to their god of this world (Ha-Satan aka the deceiver) you will never get that success and if you turn against them, they will destroy you in an instant financially, publicly and personally. Shalom.

X Factor Winner Reveals Worlds Secret Religion

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