Neurobehavioural Effects of Developmental Toxicity – Fluoride

So it finally hit mainstream medical journals, all that fluoride put in your water, toothpaste and elsewhere creates neurotoxicity…brain damage.

Been saying this for a couple years and even went so far as to get a British Berkey with fluoride filters.  I can feel the difference over time and ultimately it does taste much different/better.

My oldest boy has one now (thanks dad) and if you clean it annually and change the fluoride filters as recommended you will keep your family healthy and “smarter” than the average population.

Here’s the report –  PIIS1474442213702783 read it if you have time, the bottom line the cat scans of the brain are telling…if you want to poison your family, drink what is provided…if not, get something serious like a Berkey and enjoy better health.  Click the picture below to direct order from


Semper Fi


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