Her Town Was Invaded By Muslim Extremists, Watch What Happens When She Confronts Them

Prepare yourself, America. This is what’s coming to your country. In these next clips, you will see one of the most troubling things that could ever happen to a city. The muslim invasion is ever-present, and it won’t stop anytime soon.

Meet Stacey Dooley, a native of Luton, in Britain. You are about to find out why her home town is known as the ‘Extremist Capital’.

Stacey has spent almost her whole live in Luton. Everyone has their own theories as far as what exactly is happening there in the UK, but Stacey knows for a fact since she has spent her whole live there. She will witness firsthand the extremism, as you are about to also witness.

The media wants you to believe that it’s all hype and propaganda, but we know exactly what’s going on. Don’t let the liberal media fool you. Here is a clip that shows you a good ‘gist’ of the fanaticism.

If you are really interested in how things played out, and want to know more about how muslim infiltrated her hometown, and what you can do to prevent it from happening in your city, watch the full video here:

We know it’s a long one but there’s a ton of good information in here.

It’s a shocking image, isnt it? Could you imagine that happening to you? It’s tough imagining your home town completely infiltrated by a ‘religion’ that stands for so much hate. We really do feel for Stacy.

We hope that Americans would watch this and learn from it, before we let this happening in our hometowns as well.

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