The Collapse Will Happen in May 2015

My fellow American, Today, we face a threat much larger than any natural disaster or terror attack. You see, a bomb is a localized event and a natural disaster, at worst, is regional.

This threat that is bearing down upon us will reach into every single American home and utterly destroy our way of life as we know it.

2us-debt-ceiling-default.siThe cause of this looming disaster is the national debt which is a direct result of our out of control spending. You already know that the debt is out of control. Our leaders know it to. Fact is, they don’t know what to do about it, so they pass another debt ceiling increase and hope to make it through the next election cycle. The media phrase for this is, “Kicking the can down the road”.

This is a pattern that will ultimately lead to our demise, here’s why.
In 2008 we got just a taste of what a financial collapse will feel like. America still had the luxury of capital and the ability to print money to buy the world out of a complete financial collapse. 77% of all the money put into Europe by the IMF was US Dollars.

Many families, mine included, found ourselves in a financial collapse of our own. We lost our jobs, lost our homes, and were left wondering how we were going to put food on the table.

It is a moment forever burned into my memory because that was the first time in my life I was concerned for the future of my country and my family. I promised my wife that our family would never be exposed to the risk of falling victim to this horrific situation again.

Do you remember in 2009 when the President called the Great Recession over? Yet when we look around at our family and our friends and our neighbors, it doesn’t feel like it is over. Many folks are still struggling to get by, many are not working, yet somehow the stock market is at all-time highs, while interest rates are at their lowest in over 200 years. Both of these would indicate that happy days are here again.

But many are wondering… Where are the jobs?

money-printing-pressTruth is that the system has been rigged. The Federal Reserve has been printing Billions of Dollars to prop up the economy and make it look like things are good. The fed prints up to $85 Billion per month, loans it to the government.

The government gives the money to the banks. The banks look at the state of the economy and see it as too risky to lend into.

So instead they take the money given to them and leverage it in the markets, raking in huge profits.

Every American is saddled with the responsibility of this massive expansion of our national debt with the obligation to pay taxes towards it, and the banks get to play a high stakes game of poker with our money and get richer at the same time?

That is exactly what is happening. For now at least.

The FED knows they can only push it so far and that they day of reckoning is coming.

Fed Chairman Bernake announced that the FED would start to taper off their massive monthly cash injections into the economy. Initially the markets reacted with a massive sell off triggering fear of another collapse.

Think about that. Just the hint of the government not “buying” the positive outlook for investors sends them scampering from the markets like rats from a sinking ship. They know this is all a ruse and they just want to profit from a market that offers guaranteed success by the US government.

This caused the FED to retract and take a different course of action. It is this new plan that allows us to identify when this financial collapse will hit America.

And it is coming in less than 6 months. So time is of the essence to take the necessary steps to make sure you are ready to weather the national storm.

financial-crisis-11I am about to reveal the exact date that the market collapse will happen that triggers hyperinflation, the key element to the downfall of life as we know it.

But first let’s look at how this is going to play out. You have to understand what is going to happen in order to be ready for it.

What will a financial collapse look like? Will it be a rapid fall off and chaos in the streets with thugs roaming the streets looting and pillaging? OR will it be more of a slow event, like a frog in a pot, where we won’t notice it until it’s too late.

It will be both really, in two phases. The slow, frog in pot syndrome has been happening since the FED was established on December 23rd, 1913. Since the creation of the FED the US Dollar has been devalued by over 97%!

So why don’t Americans react when they hear this?

Because, most Americans, by choice, have no idea this is even happening. A recent poll showed that 37% of Americans state they get their news from Facebook! Another 40% stated from John Stewart on the Daily Show.

The government knows that Americans react to what they feel. Americans base their feelings on short term reports of that state of the union, namely the unemployment numbers and the inflation numbers.

Both of these key indicators are heavily manipulated to give the public that’s paying attention a false sense of well-being for the health and wealth of our nation.

Fact is, during the great depression the unemployment rate was at 23%. Our number today says 6.7% however this number is from an equation that has been modified to eliminate a number of people to make it seem low.

If the government reported the number using the same equation that was used during the Great Depression, today’s unemployment rate would be a staggering 27.8%

Inflation is reportedly 2.1%. But the administration has removed some key indicators truly (accurately) reflect the value of the dollar. The most important of these factors being food and gas.

According to the government, you don’t drive or eat so those items should not be included in the inflation numbers report.

This is literally a fantastic cover up designed to hide the factors that will trigger hyper inflation.

Just look at the price of gas over the last 5 years

It has risen from $1.79 to over $3.35 in just 5 years. That’s a 87% increase.

How about food? According to a report done by ABC News (Yes even the mainstream media is finally jumping on board) food is up 18.1% on average, household incomes have only increased by 1% for those who are lucky enough to have a job.

Considering the new healthcare regulations will double a family’s health care costs at a time when most Americans cannot afford an extra $200 per month increase in expenses and it starts to become obvious that there is a breaking point coming.

Merely 86 million Americans are working. The remaining 245 Million are either unemployed, too young or too old to work.

200px-US-SocialSecurityAdmin-Seal.svgThat leaves the burden, of the spiraling debt and the social programs that care for those not working, solely on the backs of, what is now, the new minority… The Working American.

When hyper-inflation sets in, it will be the nail in the coffin for Americans who depend on the government for their food, medicine, protection, and wellbeing.
What will trigger this hyperinflation death blow?

On April 30th, the Fed announced it would taper down the money printing cash injection into the economy at the rate of $10 Billion per month.

At the heights of this program called Quantitative Easing, the FED was injecting $85 Billion into the markets. At the rate of their projected slow down means that the FED would stop propping up the economy by the end of 2014.

There will be effects felt around the world as this wind down happens. This is an attempt to turn this crisis from a shocking, chaotic, overnight crash type of event into a frog in water, slow moving event that will give the perception of a lesser effect.

Top investors like Warren Buffet and George Soros are already liquidating their stocks as quickly as they can in anticipation of a complete market collapse.

It will be the average American, like you and me that will be left holding the bag.

As the FED makes this final withdrawal from propping up the markets, the economy will take a final nose dive. America will fall into the greatest depression ever seen and America won’t be alone this time.

The entire world will fall victim and this time America will not be able to buy our way out.

Take a look at this graph representing the increase of dependence on social systems in America.

As with any financial collapse in history, there will be a period of time where systems fail, companies close, utilities are shut off, food will not be readily available and the uninformed masses will turn into savages fighting over last scraps of food.fs82chart

It happened in Greece, Spain, and a host of other countries as they collapses

After Hurricane Sandy hit New York, in just two days people were already dumpster diving for rotting food thrown away from a grocery store. Imaging how it would be after a week!

Hurricane Katrina is an even better example of the rapid decay of society under enormously stressful conditions caused from a disaster where systems every day people rely on.

During this financial collapse you should expect no less than 6 months of these conditions until society is able to re-establish itself.So what does that mean for making preparations for your family?

Every American home must have a complete plan that covers all angles for preparing this type financial fallout.

Key items to address are…

  • Water – You can die from dehydration in as little as 72 hours so knowing how to store water and capture water for the long term as well as filter even pond scum is a must
  • Food – You need a minimum of 3 months of food per person in your family PLUS a means for growing food (even indoors) for the long term
  • Power – If the grid shuts down for a period of time you will want to have a dependable back up power source that can run your essentials and keep your electronics charged
  • Shelter – You will need to be able to secure your home and keep it safe for your family with a hard perimeter PLUS avoid mistakes that can actually signal to unprepared folks that will come and ransack your supplies to survive themselves
  • Defense – You must have some basic, powerful, self defense moves that will allow you stop an attacker dead in his tracks (this is a MUST if you have children)
  • Medical – During this time of unrest a visit to a hospital could be a major risk and a small scrape can become deadly if not treated properly right away. So you must make sure you have a properly stocked medical kit.

There are some qualified resources that have compiled all the information into easy to follow step-by-step plans that can lead to being fully prepared in a matter of days.

The clock is ticking and it is only a matter of time for the FED to pull out of its Quantitative Easing program that has injected a whopping $4-Trillion into the US markets to prop them up for the last 4 years.

When this money is no longer the foundation holding up this massive house of cards, the world economy will crumble.

The government is broke so a having no plan, or a plan to depend on government agencies such as FEMA, are sure to result in the demise of millions of Americans.

The wise person is someone who identifies a risk and then adjusts their life to prepare to handle the threat. You are now informed and can no longer claim to be unaware of the threats beating down our door.

Do your research and please, by all means, get prepared.

87% of Americans polled said they would turn to crime and violence if needed to feed their children.

This is what you will be up against! The only way to avoid the catastrophic outcome is to make the decision to get ready now before it is too late.

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