Pastor Exposes FEMA Camps, Shares Eyewitness Testimony

February 28, 2014 10:15am PST

FEMA internment camps have become quite the talking piece when it comes to the future of all Americans alike. As our nation’s leaders continually chip away at the Constitution in effort to pursue personal agenda that seems to creep toward tyranny, the degradation of our nation is causing just reason for concern.

Enjoy your stay…this Google interactive map will help you find your accomodations

In anticipation of the growing population that is resisting the current administration, it seems that the government may be preparing a military response for the inevitable revolt. The first step of this plan seems to have been secretly enacted and is underway since the 90’s as the government is constructing FEMA camps through the nation in extremely strategic regions.

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Mr. Conservative recently had the opportunity to speak to a few people regarding the issue and there seems to be mixed feelings on the issue. The most intriguing of interviewees was Pastor Paul Begley who stated several instances that very strongly point toward actual existence and intentions of FEMA camps.

Pastor Paul started out by informing me of an experience he had in northern Indiana. Clarifying that he wouldn’t necessarily consider it a FEMA camp, but rather an “outpost,” he explains that the land used to be a state park.

Upon pulling up to the parking lot, he conveyed to me that he saw three cars parked near the sole building within the complex. He then explained that he had heard, “that the government had taken it over and had renovated it, but there was no sign of what it was.” He went on to note that the building within the compound could “easily” hold “a couple hundred people.”

Pastor Paul then shared that upon further examination he discovered that the entire complex was surrounded by “chain fence all around the property,” that he estimated being about, “25 acres.”


He then shares the eeriest part of his experience by saying that within just 10 minutes of him sitting in that parking lot, he was approached by a state trooper. The officer then asked Pastor Paul, “Can I help you?” He replied that he was just cooling down under a shade tree as his truck didn’t have air conditioning.

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The officer sharply stated, “This is government property, you need to move along.” So ended Pastor Paul’s experience with the FEMA outpost.

He did also want to make it clear once again that this was a “FEMA outpost” rather than a FEMA camp, but he had heard of actual locations of these specific camps. He further explained that Brownsburg, Indiana is the home of the potentially largest FEMA camp in the nation.


He went on to say that there is no doubt that FEMA camps exist, although “the government will never tell you they exist.” Stating that they have been secretly been being built since the 90’s, Pastor Paul reveals a different suggestion on to what the FEMA camps will be used for.

He claims that during, “the days of the mark of the beast..these camps are perfect to fulfill biblical prophecy as it relates to…rounding people up.” He goes on to state that those reluctant to get the mark of the beast and defy the “new world order,” will have a new home in one of these camps.

Take for instance this FEMA camp in Pennsylvania that was located by Mr. Conservative staff through Google Maps:

Screenshot 2014-02-27 at 3.33.47 PM

Others however don’t feel the same way. Tony Ashlin of, for instance, during an exclusive interview expressed the importance that people think about the purpose of FEMA. Rhetorically asking what the “E stands for,” he explains that there has to be a certain amount of preparation to be allowed done by an organization in anticipation of a natural disaster.

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Brian Dunning of Skeptoid  also exclusively spoke with Mr. Conservative. He explained that throughout his research of the FEMA camp conspiracy there are very “real and rational reasons” behind things like the Insurrection act. Stating that although there is hopefully no need for the military to operate on American soil, we must be prepared in case of emergency.

So what do you guys think–secret truth or exaggerated conspiracy?

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