Our Banking System and Why it Has to Change


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Our Banking System and Why it Has to Change

For centuries people have bartered and traded goods to acquire what they need in their day to day lives. It’s only recently (the last 150 years that we introduced fiat (govt paper) currency into our lives. Prior to that (think Pirates of the Caribbean) we had pieces of eight (gold) and silver doubloons for currency. Go back further and you had silver and gold coins of other names sanctioned by your local king or magistrate.

Portugal 1000 Reis 1745 Lisbon Mint 14kt Gold Ring - Pirate Gold Coins


With those types of currency we encountered shaving (a process of taking a fine sliver off a piece that would go unnoticed and other types of recasting of less precious metals then coated by the precious metal. We’ve had counterfeiting with us for thousands of years. Which is why we have “anti-counterfeiting” methods integrated into most currencies.

As we started to use these “dollars” we found that what initially started as a 1:1 relationship where you had your “promissary note” backed by a solid metal in the vault. What the bankers quickly learned was few people came to get those deposits so they could extend themselves quite a bit without a lot of risk.  We ultimately landed on about a 10:1 ratio at the start of the 20th century, meaning you could loan out 10x what you got in deposit, but then the loan document could be used as collateral and you could loan out another 10x that 1st loan and so on, what ultimately became the largest Ponzi scheme in recent history.

The Mechanics of Fractional Reserve Banking (1/6)


When there’s lack of faith in this scheme we get a “run” on the bank where people come and demand their deposits (initially in precious metals, but now only fiat dollars).  We’ve had runs in the last 50 years that resulted in “bank holidays” to cool things off, but we’re getting closer and closer to a complete meltdown of the system.

Take for example Greece eight years ago, as people began losing faith in their currency and their banking systems, they started taking money out of the banks. It got so dire that ultimately the banks had to close and as the economy collapsed, the banks availed themselves of the remaining deposits to bail themselves out (a bail in). To this day, many people lost their fortunes that had been saved in the bank or safe deposit box but banks were saved.  Talk about a theft of an order of magnitude.

Greek Bail-Out: 77% went into the Financial Sector | The international Attac network


Lesson to learn from this is NEVER hold your funds electronically in any financial institution, let alone in the safe deposit boxes. They have no obligation to give you your goods if they close. All it takes is a turn of markets and suddenly that can be wiped out. I am not a financial advisor, but I do recommend holding your wealth in precious metals aka gold, and your day to day expenses in silver “just in case” of this type of situation.  Additionally have at least a months’ bills in cash in your possession in case a bank failure happens, you can then make the transition a bit easier than others can (and still purchase your day to day needs).


The depth of control in this goes back to the Rothschild families and all of them are interlinked. So do realize it’s not just a one thing to fix, but instead a slew of connections that need to be severed and many to be arrested. Remember it doesnt matter who gets elected if you run the banking system you control it all.



So to get out of the system you can buy rounds, bars and other collectibles. I’m partial to valcambi bars like these below, as you can break them off 1 gram at a time fairly precisely and use them when needed or required.

Valcambi 50x 1 Gram Gold CombiBar - YouTube

Valcambi Silver Combibar 100 gram

I don’t have any affiliation with Apmex.com, but highly recommend them based on prior transactions that I’ve experienced.


Something everyone should be aware of is that desperate governments do desperate things. We’ve had gold confiscation here in the United States “for the good of the people” when in reality it’s only for the good of the wealthy elite. So bullion is not recommended as a primary store of your wealth. Buying collectibles will preserve it, albeit at a premium, but can help you avoid confiscation.

Additionally, finding somewhere to store it that’s “not usual” may be a wise thing to do in these very near days. Anything is possible and if your families survival is in question, I would do what’s best for my family before anything else.

In American History: Gold Standard


To solve this, we have to step back over 150 years to money of actual value. Gold backed fiat is only as good as our confidence in the system which is why the QFS (Quantum Financial System) has been instantiated globally. We have reports of banks needing to be compliant with QFS standards as of 3/7/2022, which tells us a new currency is around the corner.

QUANTUM FINANCIAL SYSTEM (QFS) provides pristine CLEAN INTEGRITY in the movement of FUNDS from ...

(BTW, the voting of 2020 was tracked and monitored by the QFS systems, so all of the malfeasance and corruption has already been tracked.)


So why do we bring all this up? There are several things, in no order, that have to occur very quickly here and being ready will keep you from experiencing any hardships:

  1. Lack of faith in our current currency
  2. Collapse of our current system
  3. Transition to a new system
  4. Revaluation of old to new
  5. Resumption of services

I’m sure we may have missed something, but these are the big steps that have to occur very quickly here and if you’re unprepared, it will hurt. Let’s dissect these larger blocks of transformation:

“Lack of faith in our current currency” – We’re seeing that now, with the QE (Quantitative Easing) that occurred over the last 15 years we have currency that’s devalued beyond tracking which is why they quit reporting on the first two tiers of the money supply a year or two ago. This is also backed up in that as we “banned” Russia and they are now in rubles, they prepared by hoarding gold and their currency is good. They are paying their debts now in rubles and the US dollar is questionable as the world currency standard at this point.

“Collapse of our current system” – You’re seeing the meltdown of the stock markets which is one of those key indicators that our system is imploding. Remember how they’ve been pointing for the last 15 years at the stock market as a measure of how good things are? Well, you’re seeing the markets collapse as the propping up of the markets stopped a while back. Now that no one is pumping the air in the tires, the holes in the tires are letting all the air out…it’s quickly going to go south

“Transition to the new system” – will be easier than most realize. The infrastructure is already in place (QFS) and has been for 2 years. Testing of some of this has occurred and we are seeing some of the results of this, so moving over to this system (from the older SWIFT system) is going to be quite quick for banking.

“Revaluation from old to new” – this includes foreign currencies as well as our own. As we trade in our old money for new we’ll receive it at the market rates and some that have been artificially depressed (think Iraq, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc) will receive a boost to their currency as the normalization and stabilization take effect. No longer will it be financially beneficial to hire children in foreign countries to do the labor, labor will be more normalized and justly compensated across the planet and change in increments to reflect just compensation. Additionally, those of us that have held foreign currency, will be able to cash it in to receive the benefits of those investments.

“Resumption of services” – This is back to day to day life, the difference here is since we won’t be on a system that is based in debt, the currency will have value and we won’t be hit with artificially induced inflation or deflation at the whim of the Central Banks (and our own Federal Reserve Bank).


So the question is, are you ready for the transition? Do you have something to “tide you over” during the transition? Minimally get food and other basics for a couple months on hand. Some things will be disrupted and it’s hard to say how this will impact our ability to get common goods.

La Nuova Età dell'Oro - CIPS Coin - Gesara - Quantum Financial System (QFS) - US Space Force ...


Worth noting Gold hit a historic high today, at over $2k/oz. Are you holding? If not, it’s going to go higher as we move to sound money. As with all investments, make sure you have what you need but note, the intrinsic value of precious metals is rarely lost only to be recovered over time.  So do your diligence and ensure you’re ready. I’ve got a neighbor who ignores all of this, secure in his knowledge of how our system has worked for the last 50 years…unfortunately that’s not completely sound logic as things are changing. So stretch your thoughts on this, and examine it for your own benefit.



Meanwhile, in a private summit between Putin and Buy-done