Man Brings Rifle to Airport To Exercise Free Speech


Manchester, N.H.- On Thursday, March 20th, a man calling himself Liberty Carrots went to the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, bringing his bolt-action rifle with him, to exercise open-carry rights and free speech. He also brought newspapers from Free Press Publications that included articles critical of the TSA’s controversial treatment of passengers. Carrots walked around various areas of the airport handing out his newspapers and was faced with no uneasiness from the passengers. Nearly all of the people in the video were either dismissive of or mildly receptive to what Carrots was trying to accomplish.

The demonstration didn’t last long before Carrots was approached by personnel. His open-carrying was not the problematic issue, but his handing out of the newspapers was met with orders to stop doing so. The audio does not capture the entire conversation, but it is implied in the video that Carrot’s distribution of the newspapers was not allowed in the airport. Carrots wrote in the Manchester Free Press that he was told that he needed to obtain a permit. No arrests were made.

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