Biblical End Timelines and Correcting the Birthdate of our Messiah

Understanding when the Messiah was born on this earth is critical to understanding the dates and seasons of the endtimes.  We’ve been told all starts around 0BC and He was crucified in 31AD, but that’s not accurate.  Let’s look to scripture and firstly understand that during the time of Herod he issued a decree to execute all children under 2yo in 4 B.C.

First go back and find out when Herod died…we know that the reign over Samaria and Judea of Herod’s son and successor Archelaus began in 4 B.C., based on the fact that he was deposed by Caesar in A.U.C. (Anno Urbis Conditae [in the year the city was founded]) 759, or A.D. 6, in the tenth year of his reign (Dio Cassius, Roman History 55.27.6; Josephus, Antiquities 17.13.2). Counting backward his reign was prior to 4B.C.

So with that we know that Yeshuah was born at least as early as 6BC, but no later than 4BC…making him under 2yo which is why they fled to Egypt for a time, so let’s say 5 BC for our example.  Also the time of year is worth documenting, no shepherds are in the fields in the winter time, so the fallacy that He was born around December is exactly that, just wrong.  It’s far more likely that the census was called during a major feast time, so that would likely be Passover, Shavuot or Sukkot…most minds incline to Sukkot as He took human form and “tabernacled” with us.

So take in 5BC add in the zero year and we read in Luke and the other gospels as we’re told Yeshuah was around 30, not 30, but around it…which means under 30 when He began His ministry, let’s say 29 which would be 23 C.E (common era) making him 29 when He began His ministry.

Michael Rood is great at decomposing the deception of a 3 year ministry and showing it was just over 1 year…making Him precisely 30 or so at the time of Crucifixion. So this would be the year 24CE

So from 5BC to crucifixion was a complete 30 years on Passover of 24CE (common era). Add in 2000 years (a day is 1000 years to our Father) and we have the culmination and end of the 5th and 6th day of man. The previous 4000 years date back to the fall of Adam and tracing lineage as detailed in Genesis, Numbers and the rest, validate this.  So man has had 6000 years (aka 6 days) come the timeframe of Shavuot in 2024.  We read in scripture from Fathers own words, “I will not always strive with man” reiterating that the time of man is the 6 days…6000 years since the fall of Adam. The 7th day is God’s day of rest, so this would indeed spell out the inauguration of the 1000 year reign.

So this aligns with Shavuot of next year. Meanwhile this leads us to this year, as the worst year in human history unfolding as we speak Steve @ Torah Family outlines how the tribulation is actually cut short by 1/3 twice, so this means it’s close to 1 year in length.

More interesting is that we read in Moses words, that any man to be married would indeed get a full year to spend with His bride.  The year of our Lord, the millennial reign, may indeed be just this or it could actually be a full year prior to the 2024 event. So again, this is a “confirmation” not a coincidence that these could be similar overlapping times.

Either way 2024 is a significant year and this season in 2023 could indeed be a real 1yr where the bride spends time with her groom, raptured to Sinai for the wedding and time away or in 2024 Yeshuah would return, take control of all things ushering in His millennial reign for 1000 years and at the end is the great battle of Armageddon.

I tend to follow the latter, although I’d love the relief of the former knowing we have weeks instead of a year to wait.

Summing it up:
This Thursday is the anniversary of the ascension (or we read in Jubilees 6:36 that we could be off by 10 days later) and Shavuot is Sunday the 28th (or again 10 days later as the prophets stated).

This cycle could foreshadow things…or it could happen again next year with the fulfillment then, but it’s highly doubtful that Father would delay much after the 6th day (6000 years) is done…He does things precisely on His timetable as outlined in scripture.

Here’s why:we’re told in the Torah that a newly married man could not go or be conscripted for battle for a year. If the end is to be fulfilled or inaugerated in 2024 that we can get up a year for a wedding and time with the bride may indeed make sense

Either this year or next, the event will also be met with a global earthquake, so when you can’t find certain people you’ll assume they were in the rubble somewhere, not taken to be with Yeshuah and then the worst time in history will unfold. This will be the story that will be told to everyone, dismissing the supernatural event.

If you are one of these left behind, I encourage you to seek Him, endure to the end, and He will show mercy…but I’d rather see you seek Him now, repent as He commanded, and then walk in His commands believing His blood atoned for you. Either way, there is water and food here which I’ll be gone, you will be welcome to

As Jonah said, Repent to avoid the judgement