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There are a number of authors and film makers that are speculating daily on what’s the catalyst we’re waiting on. I won’t give airtime to them, but suffice to say we’re going to have something occur that will begin this series of events. Some of these are already in flight, so we see it’s occurring, but it’s worth noting, the rest of this will come over a series of timed events. As always, no one really knows, but we do know what has to occur, just not the dates/times.

A number of the references below point to David Wilcox whom I have listened to, but also realize he only has pieces of the puzzle. With that said, his observations are close and worth considering for the time being. Similarly David Icke is sighted for reference and his understanding is purely from an atheist point of view which I do not agree with. The oversimplification of “aliens” which are really “fallen angels” ignores the facts that they indeed have our demise in mind. They are NOT to be trusted in oh so many ways.


1. Prepare for A Sudden, Rapid, Series of Events
Prepare for a Lack of Food Supplies
Everyone should have a two week supply of foot stuffs and water. We may experience a collapse in the distribution of food stuffs and essential products and supermarket shelves could be emptied within three days.
Cash and Cash Alternatives, Such As Silver
The entire banking system and the Internet may be offline for between two days and two weeks. If this happens, you will need cash on hand and/or cash alternatives that can be used for trade, such as silver.
Crypto/Digital Currencies
Everyone might want to consider alternatives to keeping money in big banks.
Alternatives include using small, state or community banks, purchasing gold and silver, and acquiring crypto/digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, which is the largest crypto currency by far with a market capitalization of over US$9 billion of the slightly more than $11 billion total capitalization of currently traded crypto currencies.
Crypto/Digital Currencies will likely continue to be used along with a new financial system involving asset-backed currencies.



2. Collapse of the Global Financial System
Money Bomb A collapse of the Western-controlled global economic system is expected by many financial experts at some point during 2016. This will be a sudden collapse unlike anything that has happened before.
All fiat currencies worldwide will collapse and the entire global financial system will be off-line.
No ATM machines will work. No online trading will take place. No credit card transactions will be made. And banks will be closed.
It is unknown at this point how long this freeze of banking transactions will take place, but estimates run from two days to two weeks, perhaps longer.
This may lead to major interruption of the distribution of goods and services. Store shelves may empty fast.
Under certain situations, this could lead to food shortages, which could lead to social unrest and rioting – especially in cities.


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3. Establishment of New (Temporary) Financial System
BRICS system
A new, but temporary, financial system has been organized by the BRICS in conjunction with the Eastern Elders. Countries will switch to this system and release asset-backed currencies using mostly gold and silver.

We now see the QFS is the more recent name and it should be noted that all banks had to be compliant as of 3/7/2022 so it’s all right around the corner now.

A revaluation of currencies will also take place at this time. It is expected that the new U.S. dollar will be devalued, perhaps in two stages that will result in a final devaluation of between 50~70%. Keep that in mind, your assets valued in $ electronically will be the most severely impacted.
Large banks that have operated as crime syndicates will be closed forever. Some major corporations will be closed forever and others will be broken up into national or regional corporations. Stock markets will be closed.


4. Financial Distributions to Everyone
Capital and assets accumulated by the Cabal and Illuminati, along with financial assets of the Eastern Elders, will be distributed to humanity. This money represents money that has been taken illegitimately from humanity for thousands of years.

This can be done via several different models, which we won’t go into today, but keep in mind, that also includes the elimination of all debts.

Some people online refer to this distribution of funds as Prosperity Funds.


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5. Data Dump – The Release Online of A Massive Amount of Data on the Crimes of the Cabal
Data Dump
Soon after the collapse of the global financial system, the Earth Alliance will release a massive amount of data on the crimes of the Cabal and Illuminati, using online and television media
This information will be unmistakable and undeniable. It will firmly establish beyond any doubt, the Dark Energy’s attempt to control planet Earth and enslave humanity.
As Corey Goode explained in the Cosmic Disclosure episode on “The Earth Alliance” (transcript): “They’ve got everything from emails, texts, phone conversations, videos, audiorecording. They’ve got satellite imagery of things that different people have ordered and real time ima . . . I mean, they’ve got everything.”


6. Mass Arrests/Change of Governance
handcuffed-man-in-suit The massive data dump will result in the mass arrests of the Cabal, Illuminati, Draco Alliance and their minions.
This, along with the establishment of a new financial system, will result in new governance of many countries that have been controlled by the Cabal and Illuminati, including the United States.
Some refer to this change in governance to the establishment of NESARA and Common Law.
NOTE: David Wilcock, in his book, “The Synchronicity Key”, and Stefan Molyneux, in his YouTube presentation “The Truth About the Fall of Rome: Modern Parallels”, compare the fall of the Roman Empire with the fall of today’s Western governments led by the U.S.


7. Takeover of Mainstream Media/Public Education
Public Education
Mainstream media will be required to broadcast videos 24/7 for a period of time that explain to humanity what is taking place. Mainstream media will no longer be able to censor the Cabal and Illuminati crime news, nor cover-up the relationship of these crime syndicates to the Draco Alliance.


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8. Tribunals for the Cabal, Illuminati, Draco Alliance and their minions
Nuremberg2 Public tribunals, similar to the Nuremberg Trials held after World War II, will be held but on a much larger scale. The public will witness the charges and trials of members of the Cabal, Illuminati, Draco Alliance and their minions who carried out their orders.


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9. Release of Suppressed Technology
Tesla Free Energy There will be a release of suppressed technology, including free energy, and inventors will be free to invent things for the betterment of humanity.
No longer will the Cabal be able to suppress technology that threatens their financial cash cows in all fields – power generation, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, archaeology, materials science and all other sciences. etc.
Healing pod In addition to suppressed inventions by Earth-based inventors, advanced technology from the Secret Space Program will be released to humanity including age regression technology, healing pods like shown in the movie Elysium, and replicators.
All of the Secret Space Programs space colonies, space manufacturing facilities, along with trade relationships with over 900 extraterrestrial races, spacecraft and portal technology, will be transferred to humanity.


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10. Full (or Partial) Disclosure
Many, many people, including the SSP Alliance, are hoping for a Full Disclosure of governments’ past and current relationships with non-terrestrial races, the existence of all levels of the Secret Space Program and the release to humanity of the technology of the SSP.
The Cabal, however, has been negotiating with the Earth Alliance to have a Partial Disclosure and delay Full Disclosure for 50 to 100 years because they don’t want all their crimes disclosed and they claim that the shock of Full Disclosure for humanity would be too great.
The Earth Alliance now seems to have agreed with the Cabal on a Partial Disclosure since they also have committed serious crimes against humanity.


A Partial Disclosure scenario:
Disclosure of the Ruins of Atlantis in Antarctica and Ancient Alien Ruins
On December 11, 2016, David Wilcock and Corey Goode posted their article: ENDGAME PART II: THE ANTARCTIC ATLANTIS & ANCIENT ALIEN RUINS. This article described the existence in Antarctica of ancient ruins, bodies, animals and plants that were flash frozen after an Earth crustal displacement over 11,000 years ago. The ancient ruins, found one mile below the surface of the ice, are of Atlantis and the Cabal has been excavating them since 2002. An official announcement is expected during 2017 and David Wilcock indicated in an interview January 13, 2017 on Coast to Coast AM (transcript) that the Cabal planned to make the announcement after war crimes tribunals begin in order to gain sympathy from the public and clemency.
The belief that Atlantis was started by beings that landed on Earth 55,000 years ago is not something I ascribe to, they call them Pre-Adamites, they were 10~12 feet tall, had elongated skulls and spindly bodies. Those are actually the offspring of the fallen angels and human women, known as Nephilim.
The Pre-Adamites aka fallen angels engaged in genetic engineering with local human species and governed them in most civilizations throughout the world. They engineered the royal family bloodlines that became the Illuminati and the Cabal. This can be confirmed in the Book of Enoch as well as 2 Esdras in scripture.
Within hours after Wilcock and Goode posted their article, both The Daily Star and The Sun, major UK tabloids, carried articles on the same subject:
Daily Star: “The Lost City of Antarctica: Shock claims MASSIVE civilization exists beneath mile of ice”, December 12, 2016.
The Sun: “THE LOST CITY OF ANTARCTICA: Shock claims massive civilization lies frozen beneath mile of Antarctic ice – could even be Atlantis”, December 12, 2016.
And then on January 6, 2017, the Daily Mail published this article: “Is there a lost city in Antarctica? Mysterious dome ‘building’ may have been created by an ancient civilization bizarre theory claims”.
In addition to the disclosure of the ruins of Atlantis, disclosure will also be made of an ancient alien civilization that lived on Earth over two billion years ago. Thus, the Cabal will suggest that, “Yes, aliens have existed in the solar system, but it was a long time ago.” The reality is they are fallen angels, intent on our destruction.
In Wilcock’s interview mentioned above, he discloses that among the ruins of Atlantis are three motherships that brought the inhabitants to Earth 55,000 years ago. Each mothership is 30 miles wide and holds smaller craft. I do not agree with this assessment, but it is what he presents.
Dr. Michael Salla has released an article and a YouTube video on the discovery of the ancient ruins found in Antarctica and discloses a trip made by Corey Goode in early January 2017 to visit the ruins.
Clif High, a linguist who uses a computer algorithm to mine data from the Internet and analyses the data sets to predict future events, is also suggesting that discoveries in Antarctica are imminent and will result in humanity gaining a whole new understanding of itself. High issues a monthly analysis of his data which can be purchased for US$15 at his website:
Military-Industrial Secret Space Program (MIC)
The Cabal also plans on disclosing the existence of the Military-Industrial Secret Space Program (MIC). This is a lower-level Secret Space Program with low-Earth orbit space stations and space craft that can travel within the solar system. It’s technology is 50 years ahead of the technology on the surface of the Earth.
The Cabal does not plan on disclosing the existence of the Secret Space Program of the Breakaway Civilization (see below). And in order to keep the SSP secret, they plan on rolling out a campaign to discredit Corey Goode and William Tompkins as mind-control victims.
A Full Disclosure scenario:
A Full Disclosure scenario includes revealing the full Secret Space Program of the Breakaway Civilization, including it’s infrastructure of bases in the solar system, all of it’s craft, and the release of its technology that is 1,000 years ahead of humanity’s current technology. That technology, plus the SSPs instrastructure, will immediately launch humanity into a Star Trek level of existence.
World governments would acknowledge that certain groups have been working directly with non-terrestrial races aka fallen angels and Inner Earth civilizations since at least the 1930s. The complete history of humanity’s relationship with these groups leading up to the establishment of the Secret Space Program would be revealed.
We will learn: (1) We are not alone in the universe, but have many, many star brothers and sisters, (2) Humanity has had the ability of interstellar travel for more than 75 years. (3) We will be accepted as a member of the Galactic League of Nations, and (4) We will learn about the numerous civilizations living in the honeycombed Inner Earth, some being advanced fourth-density civilizations who wish to assist us and give us technology they have developed over millions of years,


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11. First Contact
Anshar woman After Full Disclosure, at some point, we will receive First Contact with both advanced non-terrestrial races aka fallen angels and our Inner Earth brothers and sisters.  Keep in mind scripture is very clear on this, those there were cast there for a purpose and they were nefarious in their efforts. Read the book of Enoch for starters as well as 2 Esdras
These groups will assist us in cleaning our biosphere: our oceans, our air, our soil and our animal habitats. They will assist us in understanding and adopting high vibrational diets that allow our bodies to adjust to a higher consciousness
Personally I would be wary of this and realize none of this is found in scripture, so be very careful what you consume.
This will also result in interstellar travel, trade and exploration.
We may also visit or even live in Inner Earth.
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12. History Will Be Rewritten
Ridpath's History of the World Both ancient texts hidden in the Vatican underground vault and other secret locations, as well as the acknowledged crimes of the Cabal and Iluminati crime syndicates will result in a complete rewriting of human history and science as well as the history of the Earth and our solar system.
We will learn that what we have been taught has been a lie. Everyone, students, adults, teachers and professors alike, will need to be re-educated.
In this regard, David Wilcock’s post of May 29, 2016, “Full Disclosure and Ascension: The War Has Gone Hot!”, describes a number of ways in which humans on the surface of the Earth have limited frames of reference in understanding the flow of time and our sense of reality. He reveals studies in which researchers describe how insects, such as flies, dogs, cats and sea turtles all experience time at different rates than humans. We may also be experiencing time completely different than non-terrestrial races.
David also reveals more about the history of the Cabal and their sense of superiority that has lead to the manipulation of events in non-recorded and recorded history.
This Experience Will Result In A Shock That Will Embed The Information In Our DNA
Corey Goode has conveyed a message from the Blue Avians that what we are going to go through will shock us to the extent that the knowledge we gain will be embedded in our DNA, so that we never allow Dark Energy to again dominate and control humanity.

Always weigh those types of statements with scripture, it’s important to realize this is part of a great deception that has been prophesied from thousands of years ago.

In other words, we MUST go through a societal shock. It’s the only way this can be embedded in our DNA.


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