Has judgement been delayed?

Back in 2017 we recognized the total eclipse of the sun across America.  This is a sign in biblical language that judgement is falling (think Nineveh and other cities that were warned).  We know that there is a time of judgement that has been identified of 7 years in the last days, but we also read “unless that time is cut short, no flesh shall be saved” in the words of the Messiah.

Most folks think that time cutting short is at the end, but what if it was the beginning of that time thereby delaying the inevitable?

During our last POTUS where we had such prosperity and many enjoyed so much freedom, it would be unimaginable that we would be headed into judgement.  Now we enter the last 3 1/2 years under our faux POTUS currently and we see some of the “destructions” of mankind by a DNA altering mRNA innoculation that will destroy the gene pool exactly as it was in the Days of Noah.

Mankind was wiped from the face of the earth, aside from Noah’s family and his son’s wives, because of the gene corruption that was a direct result of manipulation by the fallen angels (found thoroughly documented in the book of Enoch).

Oddly the book of Enoch opens with, “this is written for those in the last days” and was removed from the canon of scripture only 300-400 years ago.  We find it is the most commonly quoted book in the NT, yet it was discarded more recently.  If you look at that from the deceivers point of view, if we keep people uninformed they will be unaware.  You can get a copy that I use at Amazon using this link: Lost Book of Enoch

What’s notable at this time:

  • Corruption of our DNA
  • Poisoning of our people
  • Controlling the population using graphene oxide (that is manipulated using the latest communication frequencies)
  • Discarding the word/law of our Father found in the first five books of scripture commonly called Torah (remember the Messiah is the word/law)
  • Ignorance of what a 1st century walk was (remember the followers only had the OT during that 1st century and the letters received from Paul and others were to reinforce those teachings)

So where do we go now?

We are indeed entering the time of destruction, you need to pay close attention to the timelines found in Revelation and the feasts found in Leviticus 23 will give you insights into when some of these events can actually happen (remember the first three feasts were fulfilled/utilized in the death, burial, resurrection and pouring of the spirit, the other feasts will be the same type of timing).

There’s the common argument taught by the apostate church, “no man can know the day or hour” which is actually a Hebrew idiom that pertains to when the months start (based on the lunar sighting…it’s not a fixed calendar and can be off by hours or days).  So what would be the 14th day of the month, could be a day earlier or later, or even hours different, which the society knew as their calendar (pre Roman) was always based on the new moon.  So we can know the seasons based on the feasts/appointed times (moedim) and that enables us to “watch and pray” otherwise it would be a huge guess that everyone then ignores.