Truth or Friction?

Truth or Friction?

There’s a lot of distractions and some folks are starting up fights over it, the friction it causes is all based on fictional narratives that are being allowed to play out. don’t get sucked into it, just let it play out, stick to the facts and make sure you know who your closest colleagues/comrades are.


So live from the briefing room, they want you to believe that all is business as usual, but this brief interruption should point out a glaring fact, there is a permanent no fly zone over the DC area…you can’t have a plane/jet fly over. So ask yourself, where are they, and why are they trying to deceive you?


Worth noting, did you know that Steve Mnuchin (the Sec of Treasury under Trump) is/was actually a top movie producer at Castle Rock Productions?  Ask yourselves why would 45/DJT need a movie producer for a treasury secretary? Unless he had a huge production to unfold and someone with that level of production experience?


This video clip comes straight from the halls of scifi “I, Robot” and should have you concerned. Remember they only expose what they want you to see, long after they have advanced beyond it. For your review, future enforcers/officers/terminators?


Meanwhile in Oz (Australia) they don’t want you to call it a concentration camp, but a govt run center for your own good…H/T to Alpha6


Here’s an example at the camps, with more lunacy being enforced. People need to wake up, rounding them up is step 1, it takes them out of work, dependent on the govt for sustenance and ultimately a ward of the state. When they tire of caring for you, they’ll either just lock things up and walk away or round them up, dispose of them, and start with another round of individuals. H/T to Avi Yemini


On the positive side of this narrative, once introduced, Ivermectin is indeed effective. This man was on his way out, circling the drain is what most RN’s call it, the court ordered the administration of Ivermectin and he recovered. H/T to GrassHDropper

For your own benefit you can order it from indiamart successfully and keep it in your medicine chest.


This historic picture shows Uncle John Trump and Donald what are they discussing? I believe that’s discussion is about Tesla inventions and implications with other physicists. We will see shortly if the inventions that the Trump family were privy to, will indeed be shared with the world bringing prosperity and advancement like no one has seen.  They’ve been suppressed for over 100 years and yet could launch us so much farther than most realize. If you’re not aware, Tesla was indeed very close to the Trumps.



This came up earlier this week…have you seen this closeup of the quarter recently?
Note how it might coincide with this one?
You be the judge, but this is an interesting coincidence, no?

ImageThe White House Hangs a Ribbon for World AIDS Day in Washington, DC -


For your amusement and amazement the sauced speaker of the house, shaken not stirred and indeed 3rd in line to the presidency.


For those that have had enough of the “Santa” nonsense(remember it’s not in scripture, it’s indeed a reflection of an old pagan norse tradition), whether the holiday or otherwise, here’s a chuckle for you. It’s not harmless if you follow the Messiah, so tread lightly around this holiday.  Our house, it’s just another month (the Messiah was born months ago on the calendar, not at this time).  The celebration is actually called Saturnalia and celebrates the sun god, not the Son of God. . SciFi Justice can be served in carbonite for this grand deception.



Have a great Shabbat (sabbath) and worship our Father and His Messiah.