Obama ‘religious freedom’ appointee: Shariah Law is superior to American Law

Haris Tarin, the director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council in Washington DC, discusses the significance of the Muslim vote in the upcoming election.on.aol.com

July 2, 2013

This is sure to re-open the debate over whether or not Barack Obama is a Muslim. The facts are, he was raised as one the first 11 years of his life, and his mom allegedly converted him to some variation of Christianity when they moved back to the United States. In that infamous interview with Charles Gibson of ABC News, Obama referred to his “Muslim Faith, I mean Christian Faith” when asked about it, and otherwise claims to be a Christian.

Barack Obama has appointed a woman named Azizah Yahia Muhammad Toufiq al-Hibri to the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom. It is reported in this article here. That’s right, he’s appointed an extremist Muslim to a commission on religious freedom. Imagine that. This would be like appointing someone to the board of the American Lung Association who is a three-pack-a-day chain smoker.

The story reports, “Obama has announced the appointment of Azizah al-Hibri to the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom. Al-Hibri (full name, Azizah Yahia Muhammad Toufiq al-Hibri) is a Muslim professor and the granddaughter of a Sheikh, who claims that the Koran inspired Thomas Jefferson and the Founders and that the Saudi criminal justice system is more moral than the American one because it accepts blood money from murderers.”

The article further makes this point, “Appointing a Muslim scholar to a commission on international religious freedom is only justifiable if that scholar recognized that much of the injustice in the world originates from Islamic law. But Al-Hibri has made her career whitewashing Islamic law and even presenting it as superior to American law.”

They call people like this “bridge builders” but the only way they know how to build bridges is to show at bridge openings with a can of gasoline and light a match. An appointment of a Muslim extremist like this to a religious freedom commission doesn’t just raise question about Obama’s judgment, it raises a whole lot more question than that. This seriously makes any thinking person wonder whose side is Barack Obama on. Does he side with us, and Americans, and civilization, or does he side with Muslim extremists, the Muslim Brotherhood, etc.

Let’s make sure we elect a Pro-American president in 2016 who believes in freedom, defending our country, and once again promoting American Exceptionalism. And for an appointment like this, if I were president, maybe someone like Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan would be a good choice.

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