Deception and Deceit



Deception and Deceit

There are so many experiences we run into in the course of our lives, but when we lose that trust in someone because they misled, lied or outright deceived you, it’s something that we struggle with.

Keep in mind who the father of lies is, from the beginning his goal was to destroy and he’s still alive and doing his thing today.  In fact he’s stepped it up because he knows his time is short.

A great lie that’s been on my mind since I was 10 was how do you fit 3 days and 3 nights in between Good Friday and Sunday? The honest answer is you cant.  The reason this is confusing is the western “lack of understanding” what a sabbath is.  Sabbath weekly is Shabbat or Saturday. High feasts, found in Leviticus 23 also have Sabbath and we find that Passover night is called a Sabbath.  If you walk it backwards from resurrection on the 1st day, you end up Wed night with the Passover High Sabbath. So where did Good Friday come from? Again Emperor Constantine and his pollution of the way in 325AD by introducing practices of Dagon the fish god as norms. That’s where it comes from. So if they will lie about things like this in the church, does it surprise you that in the public square there are far worse deceptions being executed?


We’re seeing a lot of deceptions in the many different secular movements, you always have to examine the foundations and if they have any inkling of deception it’s just best to walk away.  We know that people make mistakes, but those that outright deceive have no business with any of us.

We’re called to walk in the same commandments that our Messiah Yeshuah did, the scripture says “be holy as I am holy” but the best way to understand that is “be set apart as I am set apart”.  He stated plainly, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments”. We know from the start of the book of John, His commandments are His Words, and His Word (himself) is the Torah aka instructions or first five books of the western bible. If you do His commandments you will indeed be different aka set apart from other people.


There will come a time and it’s likely already on us, where the broader masses will be deceived. The scriptural references have to do with deception from religious leaders and even with signs and wonders to deceive those that would follow our Messiah. Many who have not studied our Fathers word will indeed fall for it, those that are not grounded in the word (many of our modern churches) will also fall for these. Immerse yourself in His word is the only preparation you can do and then pray for discernment and speak with wise, studied elders (not a position in a church, someone with gray hair that’s walked the walk for decades).

We also know for a fact that there’s a lot of deception around the core of the Event 201 scenario that played out prior to the last 18 mos. We now are seeing the wasting of those same folks that complied and the early and sad loss of some of those people.  A report from Slovenia came out on Sunday exposing the 3 formulations of the solution with one focused on creating soft tissue cancer in it’s formula.  This is outright Nuremburg stuff that we have to stop.

We also see a broader deception about our November event that happened and a counter deception that is occurring to reset the tables.  If you think for a moment that we’re free from deception even in our most altruistic efforts, unfortunately you’re in for a surprise.

We’ll be talking about the CogCon process shortly and what you need to know happened without your attention to it. This should indeed give many of you hope that all is not lost.  Trust us on this, it happened, we have the indications that it transpired, and we even had an interesting event come up with the “lack of actual certification” of the electors.  Go back to the video about PA and realize you need both sides (electors) represented and only 1 was submitted.  Same for AZ…so Pence did NOT certify the election.

We’re also finding those in our ranks that are indeed misrepresenting themselves and when others get to close, they misrepresent and libel them in hopes of shutting them down as truth tellers. Many are seeing this and calling them out only to have those same individuals, mislead, redirect and deflect their evil again to confuse those that are not in the midst.  Again who is the father of lies or the author of confusion? He owns this deception, regardless of what anyone says.

If we know people promoting liars and deceivers then you need to realize 1 of 2 things about those promoters:

  1. I typically give folks the benefit of the doubt that they were unaware of this and that it was not their intent. A good friend of mine always said, “never attribute malice to ignorance (lack of knowledge)”. Wise words indeed. In that case a simple apology for supporting those folks, distancing from any further interaction is the appropriate reaction, not doubling down with “watch this, or look at this” from those people.
  2. Those that intentionally do this are another matter. This means they’re colluding with that individual for another purpose, whether it’s financial, ideological or some other belief system.  Foundationally this puts them in the liars and deceivers camp, this would be their only reason to perpetuate and ignore the inflammatory liars.

We will always have liars and deceivers amongst us until our Messiah destroys them at His return. Many are postulating a grand “peaceful” return of the Messiah, but prophecy is very clear on this.  It is going to be a huge battle where he will destroy those individuals with the words from His mouth, His sword. They stand no chance. We are to follow the example of our Messiah in all things.


The Pollyanna churches says “grace and peace” ignoring the judgement and obedience that our Father is known for. Don’t be ignorant about this, if your church isn’t preaching repentance and obedience (mentioned hundreds of times in the NT as a sign of our love for the Messiah) then it’s indeed gone astray and the prophetic utterance found in Revelation “come out of her my people” rings true for you.  I made the exit over 4 years ago after 36 years of a non-denominational walk…now walking the way found in the book of Acts, commonly called the 1st century walk.


Deceptions will abound the closer we get to His return, so keep your head on a swivel, do NOT take anything at face value, investigate, ask questions and do NOT be a victim of these liars, deceivers and grifters.


Recommended YouTube channels that teach more are New2Torah, 119 Ministries, Torah Family, Unlearn.