Why Ambassador Stevens Was REALLY Killed, And Who REALLY Killed Him… Plus, Oh, SO MUCH MORE….


This information comes to me from my friend Elly. Some of it, I knew, some of it I suspected, and some of it I never even imagined.

Elly has a couple friends, as she will explain, in “Highly sensitive positions” overseas. Forget anything the news media has told you in recent months, even about the closing of the bases this past week… NOTHING is what it seems. Remember, This all comes from a highly placed source that was there, in real time as many of these events played out. – Tom O’Halloran

For you to understand and prepare!!!!!. LISTEN TO ME!!!! READ ALL OF THIS!!! THIS IS NOT A JOKE! IT IS VERY REAL AND WE ARE ALL LIVING IT! In the wake of the Osama Bin Laden assassination, much has happened… all of it linked. This is just the beginning.

I have ‘contact(s)’ let’s say, who is in the middle east right now. No… he/she is not Pakistani or any other middle easterner. No.. she/he is not muslim… yes… she/he is American and yes fighting over there and yes… the name(s) shall remain anonymous. For the past 3 months we have been conversing and now we feel it is time for the US citizens to understand some things about what our Government is doing there… and here…from inside sources of those who are living it and of high ranking positions. All the quotation marks will be direct quotes from this person(s).

This person(s) works for a company called DynCorp Int’l, who according to sources is a “shell company for a US Intelligence agency”… try guessing which one or ones. At one point, “We (DynCorp Int’l) received 97% of our contracts from the US Government. Obama has cut us back 48%. He (is) staging is plan to stay in power past 2016.”

DynCorp is not military but a ‘contract’ company which performs in many functions of military. ‘Guns for hire’ maybe? They basically do the REALLY dirty work for our country. Look them up and you will see all kinds of fuzzy, brilliantly put together information that covers up the reality of their underlying mission. Remember… Satan always gives you a little bit of truth so you will focus on that and not the lies that are the foundation of his plan. When attempting to find the US Intelligence agency that DynCorp is a shell company for I met with confusion. They actually work/develop for the DIA, CIA, NSA, NGIA,NRO and USOC. Did you even realize we had so many Agency that basically all do the same thing? That’s our tax dollars being wasted! Ok.. back away from my personal opinion.

At this point you could shrug this off as just another military person(s) who is dissatisfied with Obama and has joined the bandwagon to ‘de-throne’ the wanna-be king. But read on. This person(s) have contacts throughout the world… He was a friend of Ambassador Chris Stevens. More on that shortly. When asked if there was inside information on Obama’s plan to stay in power the comment was “No. It’s just what I see… and hear…and know. It scares me Elly. I love my Country.” My response to that?

“Scares me, too… and millions of people. But we, the people, feel at such a loss as to how to stop this stone from rolling. Our laws have become so complicated that it’s not as easy as staging a coupe or impeaching him. Even if there were enough to impeach him (which there is), it would take years. So my thought is exactly what I placed on my FB. He sets an EMP over our country and then sits back while the weak die off and the strong fight and then he acts like God and comes in to ‘save’ us. If this were to happen, then every town, city, county, state would declare martial law and then all that would fall under Federal jurisdiction putting Obama at the head of it all. There’s so much that could happen but something IS going to happen. We ALL feel it.”

Her/His response? “Domestic terrorism. That’s how it happens. Can’t blame it on another country. The Government will say it’s domestic terror but in actuality it’s the government. When I talk to friends they act like I’m paranoid.” Paranoid? From a person(s) who is living, breathing, eating fighting every day, listening, watching and paying attention to who is controlling what? How many people does it take to cry wolf and have those who believe the sheep are safe finally realize the sheep are being needlessly slaughtered?

So what have we been talking about? Many things so let’s break them down.

EMP – very real and our Government has already deployed them in 3rd world countries… at times for experimenting. Example. A year or so ago we had a friend who had family members in Africa. While there, the entire town they were in was hit with a ‘solar flare’ or so we thought. It completely fried all electronics in this ‘no one cares about it’ small village and so it went unnoticed. Now I come to find out that in 2012, the same year, month, etc… that this happened, a ‘Ground based’ EMP was deployed in the Sudan… This was the likely reason for this small village being fried.

“We have certain ground based weapons that the Gov. will only deploy in 3rd world countries.” “China and Russia have the technology too. And yes it can be used stateside.”

This person(s) went on to say that “If the general public knew what the government does REAL TIME we would freak.”

When asked if he thought the book One Second After by William R. Forstchen could become a reality the comment was “It could happen…”

So during all this, I was kept informed of each trip this person(s) took. I found it interesting and wondered why. I have come to an understanding that should something… such as Benghazi happen and these people fell, I could tell their story and try to get the truth out in some way. So just real quick chronology of events:

* July “had to do a medical escort today.” later “leaving here in an hour for Kuwait City.” A few days later… “Using a sat. uplink. Right now my crew and I are on the Syrian border waiting for instructions. Hoping and praying we won’t be sent in to train the opposition….. most are Al Quaida….” When asked how he felt about having to be ordered to train the enemy… the same ones that killed Ambassador Stevens, his response: “This job pays $2700/day… but no amount of money is worth it. Ambassador Chris Stevens was a friend of mine. We worked together in Benghazi in 2010.”

* Later…. “We were recalled back to Kuwait. So all is well. Then on July 30th, “Currently beefing up security at our Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan.” “Been busy trying to get the station chief (CIA) to listen to me for the past 24 hrs.”

* Then this past week, Thursday… before it hit the news: “All Embassies and Consulates’ in the Middle East are on high alert. Here in Kabul we have moved everyone to the airbase. All that is left are myself and my crew. The State Dept. even pulled the Marine detail out of here. But me and my guys are loaded for bear. Intelligence says Sunday may be a bad day.” My concern was for the information he had just given me… was it okay, was he putting himself at risk? “It’s fine that I tell you. The Obama Admin. has already release all this to the news outlets. (I looked… only one small internet paper had it out at that time. The following morning it was splattered all over the papers). “I’ve let all my guys use the sat. phone and call loved ones. Now we are holed up on the roof of the Embassy playing a waiting game.”

*Friday…”We had several fire bombs thrown at us today. I think tonight will be bad. But we’re ready.” Almost daylight here….uneventful night. Got word 10 mins ago that Monday morning a squad of Marines will relieve us. Just gotta make it 2 more days.” “Just had a convo with my CIA counterpart….intel chatter is that there is a high probability of a terrorist attack on Sunday there in the U.S. Stay alert Elly!

*Saturday… “Sometime over night the Afghan Police that guard the front gate to the Embassy left. Guess everyone thinks something’s getting ready to go down. Getting day light now….there are usually people out in the streets now…way to quiet here. Calm b/4 the storm?”

*Sunday…”Just finished backing down a mortar attack. My sniper took him out. Just waiting now…” and “We are ok for now. I’m sure they didn’t expect me to have my snipers on different buildings. Nothing has went down for several hours now and Sunday is over in less than 2 hours. Plus we will be relieved in 10 hours. My company monitors me on here. I’ve been told to ‘stand down’ several times. But I am what I am. I will post about this administration until Obama is out of office.” My response to that?

“They are either tolerating you or secretly agree with you. Ya.. makes we wonder a lot as well as millions of other people wonder the same thing about our government. I just don’t get it. People KNOW how dangerous he is to the American people while in office… why is he still there? Too many Sheepies.” His response…”To be honest, I feel that if Obama is ‘removed’ from office we get Slow Jow… I’ve had discussions with ‘certain’ folks who all agree that giving him enough rope will do the trick!

The last time I heard from my contact(s), there was a desperate, angry sounding message sent. “Don’t ask me how I know but the terror threat (this last weekend) is a hoax to draw attention away from the IRS and NSA scandals… and Benghazi. This comes from a credible source.” At this point I commented that ‘someone had to plan it…” I also asked if I could use the information received in previous messages to try and get it out to the country that which is going on. I was given permission from my contact(s) as long as names and genders were not used.

After I conveyed a posting I had read regarding the whole Bengahzi situation being a hoax and the pictures on the internet photo shopped, this piece of information was given to me “Chris was given a ‘hot shot’. An overdose of a sedative. I’ve talked to his brother.” That’s when I received the information that “DynCorp is a shell company for a U.S. Intelligence Agency.” I began to research DynCorp. Further “This situation gets a lot worse than you can imagine. Just bare with me. WE, my crew, have been diverted to Yeman. Ever hear of the term “A mother eating her young?” I feel that’s what is happening to me. Something is not right. I have contacts all over the world. A friend in the Mossad has told me to watch my back.”

When asked if I ever wondered how my contact(s) and I became F/B friends, I was told, “been looking for someone who was passionate about their rights and country…… someone who I could communicate things that if I told it publically it would break his secrecy agreement.”

I had completed this much of my posting when I was sent a message by my contact(s). This is where it gets really scary.

“On May 2, 2011 Obama announced that Osama Bin Laden had been killed in his compound in Pakistan. Within 94 days after this announcement, 5 of the top leaders of Al Qaeda were assassinated by drone strikes and wetwork. Hypothetically speaking…. What if Bin Laden was not killed but captured, sedated, put in a bodybag and transported to a Class 3 Black Prison off the coast of South Carolina. Where he was chemically interrogated. Then let’s say on May 11, 2011, after all info had been gotten… he was given a ‘hot shot’… cremated. Did you know that there were 2 CIA agents with the Seals that night? One was Chris Stevens (Ambassador Chris Stevens)…hmmm…. Did you also know that since May 2, 2011 that 29 Seals that were involved with Bin Laden have been killed also? Hmmmmm The operation’s call sign was Extortion 17.”

One more thing on the Benghazi situation… make no mistake, it was our Government, our Intelligence forces in with our Embassy that planned it and carried it out. The FBI was barred for 2 weeks before allowing to go in by the Obama Administration… why? because they would have seen pieces of our own predator drone missiles inside. My source has read and seen these documents.

So there you have it. The contact(s) I have know this information first hand. They know who the other CIA agent was and we all fear for his life. We need to spread this as quickly as possible. Print it off, save it to your computers, email it, facebook it. This SHOULD NOT BE LEFT BEHIND. It shows Obama for the liar he is, his administration for the corruptness they have made prevalent in our beautiful America and it’s time to bring it back the way it was… I hold this accounting to be true to the best of my knowledge and sources. If I should die because of spreading this truth then I die with truth and the truth shall set you free. Benjamin Franklin said, “The truth may not make you many friends, but it will make you the right ones.” I hold by that… do you?

Miscellaneous Items To Chew On

1. Since 1965 our government has been watching us. Every phone call, every keystroke, every word we say electronically has been cataloged. But the program is set up to find key words being used and pinpoint who is doing what. There are locations in Canada, Central America, Tiger Island, Germany…Nothing new so far than what Snowden told us. But the information goes deeper. It shows that the US has been committing terrorist attacks against our ‘allies’ in the name of national security. Someone we want dead for whatever reason… kill that person and 100s of that country’s citizens at it. Russia still thinks the train accident was a terrorist… it was… US!
2. EMP. There have been Ground Based EMP devices strategically placed throughout the US and Central America for the past 30 years. Originally they were placed there so if we were invaded they could be set off and not disrupt the buildings. Now… hypothetically speaking, if a ‘terrorist’ attack took place they could set it off and it could disrupt the voting process. Remember…our voting is via electronic. If it is disrupted, then Obama stays in office until order is restored and damage is repaired enough to do an election.
3. Let’s talk racial. White people are so afraid of saying anything against the black community for fear of being called a racist. Yet the blacks have no fear of saying what they want and doing what they want. They have beat the white race down with their vulgarity and use of Obama in office. Sorry… reality. I’m not racial… but I am not for stupid people. In Knoxville, Tn after the Trevon incident, 5 black people, 4 men, 1 woman, kidnapped a couple of white kids students, a male and female. They raped, sodomized, tortured and killed the two. They stuffed the girl into a trash can where she suffocated to death. They took the young man and set him on fire alive on the railroad tracks and burned him while living… then shot him in the head. They were tried and 2 given the death sentence the others life… but then suddenly a new attorney stepped in and rang out racist… a new trial, mostly black jurors and the 5 got life in prison. Didn’t see any of that on main stream news did you!
What about the two blacks a few months ago who went into a store and shot an 18 month old baby in the face in front of his mother and then shot the mother and walked out. Ya they got charged… I think the black community feels they have a protected blanket over them because of Obama and the race card being thrown around. They feel they can do whatever they want to whomever and get away with it. Moving on.
Okay… so other info? Obama’s citizenship. We all know his documents are ‘locked’. One of my sources has actually seen his transcripts from Harvard. It shows him as an “Exchange Student”. Non- resident. According to my source, he researched Obama’s SSN. It belongs to a man who died in 1957. They do not re-issue already used SSN. The hospital where he was born.. They had changed their name 7 years before Obama was supposedly born in that hospital… yet the name of it on his birth certificate is the name 7 years prior to his birth. My source has read and seen these documents! Make no mistake!
One more thing on the Benghazi situation… make no mistake, it was our Government, our Intelligence forces in with our Embassy that planned it and carried it out. The FBI was barred for 2 weeks before allowing to go in by the Obama Administration… why? because they would have seen pieces of our own predator drone missiles inside. My source has read and seen these documents.
When Obama gives a talk, such as in Chatanooga, cell phones, cameras ect… are not allowed except to those few and chosen news reporters invited. My source was at this location. He watched how the audience boo’d Obama when he would talk… how hecklers were drug out of the meeting, how, if a person asked a question he didn’t want to answer, he just ignored them and moved on to the next person. If a news reporter disagreed, they were escorted out. All of this was edited out to appear like Obama was welcomed… he was not!
Our Government has had an ongoing agreement with the drug cartel… we provide access to the US (and even use military planes and vehicles) for their drugs and they provide Intel. Now we do it with guns and have for some time. The drug war in our country is a hopeless cause. Our police put their lives on the line every day to bust drug dealers for no reason. Our children, friends, are getting hooked and die because our Government deals with the devil. More to come.
Catholics…According to my source, the reason the last pope stepped down was because he was given a choice… by our country! Either agree with homosexuality or be killed. He stepped down. The new pope was picked by not the Vatican but by our government, to align them with what they wanted. I hope you realize that if Obama can control the Catholic religion then he controls a billion people… just to wipe them out with his muslim extremist belief. Read your bible… end days are coming.
Now a kicker… 18-20 months ago a facility in Oakridge, Tn was broke into. Not just any facility. It was deemed to be the most secure facility on the face of the earth. There were 3 fences with Constantine wire, ground sensors, motion detectors, aerial sensors and armed guards at each station not far from each other. A sign that stated, do not trespass, no questions asked, will shoot on sight. (or worded similar) was posted all over the fences. Three men, a 78 yr old and 2 in their 80′s were able to penetrate the 3 fences without detection, IN FRONT OF ONE OF THE MANNED GUARD HOUSES. They went to one of the buildings and painted a ‘peace’ sign on it just before being caught by a guard in a jeep. What happened you may ask? The guard placed on trial for NOT shooting the 3 men and is serving time in Federal prison. The 3 men were taken to D.C. where they are supposedly also in a Federal prison… no trial, no news reports… covered up. They should have been tried in Tn under Federal Jurisdiction but they were whisked away.
So why am I telling you this? The Security company who had been providing security for some time for this facility was fired. The new security company was put in place by the Obama Administration. Guess who owns stock in this company? OBAMA! So what was this facility? It was a nuclear facility where our nuclear programs were developed. They were manufactured and sent out… it has since been deemed inactive… so ask yourself why? The 3 men belonged to a small group that had been together only 6 mths. They had been hand picked for this task. The group disbanded immediately after this incident… 1 more posting to come.
I have already commented on this but will again. People in the Midwest who have crops and cattle… be ready. You are the prime target for the EMP as you provide 70% of the food for this country. Get your towns, counties ready and develop a communication system that will not utilize electricity… or get military radios and place them in Faraday cages. Generators that will run your water tanks to water your crops.. DO NOT SELL YOUR CROPS TO THE GOVERNMENT THIS NEXT YEAR! They have been buying them up under the guise of helping you when in reality they are stockpiling, shipping food out to our enemies. By hitting the Midwest it will severely decrease our ability to fight for ourselves as we will be trying to locate fresh water and food.
If you have a registered gun or a CWP, you will be the first they come after when martial law is declared. Disarm the people, starve them and they can’t fight. Do you think with a plan like this Obama doesn’t already have his own personal force to enforce it? Whether it’s homeland security or our own military or bringing in muslim fighters… it’s his plan to ‘conquer this country. Do you remember what happened when GB pulled out of areas of Africa and left it to the Africans to govern? One of the first things they did was to slaughter white people. If you think this is not a possibility in this country… you are only fooling yourself!
Ok… People… get ready. Obama already signed the UN gun ban but told them to not enact it until 2015. He still had some ‘things’ to change in the US first. Why 2015? My source says that this Sept there will be a fake ‘attempt’ on Obama’s life and that Obama will blame it on the ‘whites’ which will start a racial war… which he has been building up to. It’s smoke for what’s really getting ready to happen. There is a location in the mid-west where over 400 airline planes are sitting designed to look like common airline planes. 3 drones carrying an EMP will hit the US in the central farm locations knocking out everything from Canada to the Gulf. At this time, airlines will be ground or diverted and the ‘fake’ planes will be flown over the drop zone. There will be middle eastern individuals aboard so when bodies are pulled out it will look like a terrorist attack and Obama can declare martial law. 70% of our food source for the US will be gone, millions will starve….. They will come for the weapons from those who are registered and those who have CWPs first. When this is accomplished, the next step is to place the UN law in effect. THIS IS NOT A JOKE but comes from 2 very reliable sources of internal intelligence. DON’T BE FOOLED! Obama wants a religious racial war. He actually cannot stand whites as he has proven again and again.

Yes… I realize some of this sounds ‘old’ but to have it verified by 2 difference CIA sources and to bring it all together is not old. There is a storm coming and it will happen in the next 1 – 1.5 years.

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