The “appointed time” has come

There’s a lot of focus on the events happening globally and the minutia around them all, many of them are “indicators” of the health of our global society but there’s also this inherent hope that someone is going to reverse things.

I was a follower of the Nesara/Gesara/Gaia belief for a while thinking things could indeed be reversed and turned back with a debt jubilee, but we need to realize that this isn’t the prophetic plan for the next 7 years.

Prophecy is clear, society will degrade until finally a global leader will come along making all appear well and good (this is what they’re all hoping for) only to flip on them shortly after introducing the worst time in history of mankind.

Prophetically, we’re seeing the collapse of the global economy. I had the privilege of working at the Federal Reserve Bank here in America for the last 14 months and they are ill prepared to save the economy, instead they are focused on releasing their own version of a digital dollar (which will enslave you controlling all you buy and sell).

We saw a warning shot for plagues from the Wuhan release…this will happen again more drastically removing almost 1/3 of all mankind.

We know there’s an asteroid that is indeed much closer than ever (and we’re not even told the truth on this) which may indeed fulfill the wormwood prophecy.

I can only speculate about who that is but if we read scripture he will be someone everyone loves, adores and idolizes… He will usher in the next character that will ultimately pull it all down.

If you study scripture we run in cycles of 7 and 50 year increments. Shemitah and Jubilee cycles.  We just entered the last Shemitah of the 6th millennium on March 24th this year. If this is accurate, only a very short time from now that one who everyone idolizes will take center stage and then subsequently it will become devastating for all mankind.

The cycle ends in the year 2030. Although technically the cycle ends near Passover in 2030, it could actually be earlier aka the fall feasts which include Day of Atonement (aka Judgement Day) in 2029.

Many christians have abandoned the feasts as their leaders have stated (wrongly) that the OT is defunct and no longer applies.  We see all Yeshuah (aka Jesus…there’s no J in Hebrew his name is Yeshuah) taught was from the instructions handed down from Moses.  Nothing new. He even said that He brought nothing of His own, only what the Father had given.  There’s no “new teaching” in the NT, just a walking out of what was commanded at Sinai in our presence showing it can be done, then giving us the ability to accept His sacrifice in our place with subsequent obedience.

Remember in every instance when someone had an encounter with Yeshuah where he met or healed them, his instruction was always, “go and sin no more”…this means go back, read the Torah (aka the books of instruction found in the first 5 books of the bible) and then show me you love me by being obedient to them.

It’s not hard…he said, my yoke is light…compared to the instructions laden on people by religious leaders of the day and now today, it’s simple. Summed up in only 2 statements:

  • Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and strength
  • Love your neighbor as yourself.

on these two hang all the instructions found in the Torah

The coming time is going to be one of great trials for everyone. I wish no ill on anyone, but we’ll have to be very cautious in our walks, helping as we can and ultimately being prepared to face prison (we were told this would happen) for our beliefs.