Updated – Not so cooperative government Freedom of Information Act requests

May 7, 2014 – UPDATE: the original site had a broken link (redundant return) and requesting direct from FEMA was a no go…turns out in their blanket reply below, they leaked the real link to get a request in…so I submitted it and here’s the response I received:

FEMA Ack letter


See Update above – May 5, 2014

In attempting to get further information on ammunition purposes for DHS, I submitted a FOIA request earlier this week.  It was explicit and direct with regard to “any ammunition purchases by DHS” for the previous 2 yrs and upcoming delivery for the next 2 yrs.  Here’s their response.


Good morning Mr. Reid Lowery:

This is in reference to your Freedom of Information Act requestin which you have requested the following:


“on all ammunition purchases regardless of caliber and intended use including any and all training, defensive and crowd control purposes for fiscal 2013, fiscal 2014 and plans for fiscal 2015 and 2016.”


In order for us to expedite your request and conduct a specific search, we are seeking clarification of the request.  Please provide us with any specific record an or document, specific federal agency or other related details in this request.  In order for us to produce records in a timely matter, clarification and narrowing of the scope of your request can be of assistance.


Please provide us with clarification related to any specific record an or document, specific federal agency or other related details in your request by May 13, 2014, otherwise we will interpret this as you are no longer interested in the matter and your FOIA request will be cancelled without further notification on our part.

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