Facts or Fantasies?

Let’s talk about what we see and what we know. Stop with the conjecture, hyperbole and speculation. Some of this is positive progress, some of it is negligible, but all in all, we have to look for the evidence and make our own decisions.  Don’t for a moment throw all you hopes on “someone somewhere is doing something” you are in control of your life, stand up and execute on your plan.


We’ll examine both pros and cons but all of this will be in light of scripture and the 1st century point of view that the scriptures were written with.  We are purposely avoiding churchianity as it indeed corrupted “the way” found in the book of Acts as men typically do to our Fathers instructions.  Just like they did at Sinai, they disobeyed our Father, created a golden calf and made that the center of their worship…the net result wasn’t pretty, so let’s stay focused strictly on prophecy and then measure the news in the light of that. The pattern is our Father gives instructions, we say we’ll obey, we then disobey, He sends warnings, then there’s judgement, then the people return to Him.  This is what we’re facing today.


This will be highlighting how to prepare for the coming months.  There will be some good, some potentially very evil and some life changes.  Dont’ think for a moment we’re coming out of that tunnel yet, there’s still plenty that has to happen. I want to say it’s all going to be glorious, but until we see those things we must prepare for the worst, but hope for the best.  Scripture is abundant with that mindset, so don’t ignore the warnings, and do be prepared.


Lastly, all of this is my observations mixed in with others that have contributed.  I won’t jump on any bandwagons to attack, demean, or diminish anyone’s efforts towards truth.  It’s important to realize that those that do, do so because they have a weak hand and are intimidated by the message as they are ill equipped to explain it.  Be careful who you follow and what they teach.


Coming articles in process now



State of our Union

We’ve come a long way in the last 4 yrs.  We had/have a winning POTUS and the constant antagonism of the left.  Even with all that the end result was we had our elections “altered” and now we’re fighting off all these mandates as a result of an illegitimate government.  Keep in mind, much of these won’t stand up in court and our previous POTUS put the right kind of judges in place. Start suing those companies now, you have the judicial system on your side at this point if all that’s accurate.


Enemies in the ranks

We’re also starting to see infiltration (or they were here all along) of Antifa, BLM, scammers and leftist idealists in our midst. Remember their playbook, when they want to shutdown arguments what’s the first thing they do, they throw the race card.  Why? Because they’re weak, have no foundation or defense for their ridiculousness and think they can shame you into silence.  Shut them down, do not frequent those people, do not give them your time nor your money.  It’s time to let them know they can eat their words if they’re hungry, but we won’t support them or their businesses. It’s important to not give them air for this nonsense and send them back under their evil, divisive rocks.


We also won’t spend a lot of time on a “pollyanna” message nor the uplifting “hopium” that some are putting out, because people want facts, details and tangible evidence that something is happening.  I for one, work within the system, some know me personally and know this is true.  If we do not see the evidence in these systems that this is happening at the scale we would expect,  we will say exactly that.  On the flip side, there are some things that we can point to that did happen:



There’s a lot more we’ve been promised in the 20 points of Nesara now recoined as Trumpsara, but let’s be frank, unless you’re seeing outright outcomes of this, don’t take 2nd and 3rd hand information that somebody somewhere sent them a message. When it comes to debt forgiveness ask to see bills, statements and payoffs. You can see from the list above, only a small handful are in play or happened. I have not seen one bill proof to date. I work in one of the bigger systems mentioned above and can verify that NOTHING is currently happening, so don’t suck up that hopium that it’s all coming shortly, it would be great if it were, but currently that’s not the case. I’m also not foolish enough to be adamant about this, if I’m wrong, I will gleefully admit to being wrong and enjoy the results.


We read in scripture that a person who disobeys the instructions (Torah) even their prayer is a curse. I never knew that growing up, but it’s in Proverbs and it is His word, so I’ll go with that. Our Father has never changed and it’s important to realize His persistence in never changing gives us faith to hang on for dear life. You’ll find throughout out the NT that obedience is referenced so much, but dismissed by so many in their pulpits. We even read that those that teach the Torah will be great in the millennial kingdom, and those that don’t teach it will be least.  Reread it asking our father to open your eyes and ears.  You’ll hear a lot of love, grace, peace, but the same Father that wiped out peoples for their corruption is the same One today.  Don’t for a moment think there’s freedom to do your own thing, remember even the Messiah told folks after healing/meeting them, “go and sin no more”…encouraging them to walk the Torah out.


There’s coming a prepracticed destruction on mankind.  You can be “kept” from it, but it’s going to require your steadfast, unwavering faith.  Just like these prophets of old. Some of us struggle with the Pollyanna view that we’re going to have a glorious wonderful time. Scripture is real clear that more than a third of mankind are going to die in the near term. That’s so contrary to what we’ve been fed the past 4 yrs and has to be reexamined.  We already see early heart and other issues resulting in childhood/teen mortality.  We’re also seeing issues with fertility which are all part of the formulation of the C19 stuff. If you reduce fertility and increase mortality globally what do you have?  That exact prophecy that we’re talking about in Revelation Chapter 6.


Revelation is pretty clear about the mass destruction of mankind in the last days.  For those that struggle with the authority of scripture it’s important to realize, significant (hundreds) of prophecies told of our Messiah’s first visit, we have abundant prophecies about the end as well found in those books the church removed. Read the book of Revelation for starters and see in chapter 6 the 1/4 of mankind wiped out in famine and pestilence.  Pestilence being disease.  We found out last night from a doctor that exposed the formulation of the jabs that 1/3 of those that received it will indeed have soft tissue cancer within the next 2 years.  That’s just one of their deceptions that we have to face.


Back in 2001 they did prototype simulations of an event called “Operation Dark Winter” which postulated a release of a deadly virus that impacted a mass amount of people. What did those folks running for election last year say? It’s going to be a very dark winter, again and again.  They are gearing up to do exactly this event, just like they simulated Event 201 which ended up being C19. Prepare now, stay/get healthy and avoid things that bring your immune system down.  Remember everyone typically has run down immune systems during the winter due to the excess sugar, carbs and lack of sunshine.  Work against those things, reduce your risk factors, hopefully this will be a non-event, but we have to at least prepare.



You won’t hear much of this in the churches as they count on your regular tithing payments into their system (if you read the instructions, first five books of the bible, aka the torah, you find tithing was ALWAYS produce from your fields to feed the priests (Levites), poor, widowed and orphaned.  Not cash.  Once you actually understand what our Father says, you are freed from their system and their mission of building buildings and 7th homes. The only time cash was used was if you could not get to the temple to offer your sacrifice, you’d sell your contribution, take the money and buy the appropriate sacrifice, then do that at home with family and consume it.  (btw, did you know in Revelation when Messiah reigns the sacrifices resume? So for those that say the law is done away…not likely, John disagrees with you).



Scripture trumps your beliefs

Scripture is pretty clear where we are in the grand scheme of things.  I know a lot of people will say, ” my <insert religious authority name here> says you can’t tell the day or the hour of His return” and they’ll also say, no one can tell this.  The reality is we’re given some great indicators in scripture that the end is very close and that temporal calendar is going to wrap things up shortly.


We were given the 7 events in Leviticus 23 to remind us annually of certain aspects of our Fathers grace, what’s fascinating is that half of them were “fulfilled” when our Messiah was here the first time. The 2nd half should be watched for every season (more on this in Leviticus 23). What’s even more interesting is if you go back and read Genesis, you’ll find the stars and the moon were given to us to determine times and seasons. If you know anything about astronomy, you know a new moon is unpredictable, yet that’s how months are calculated in scripture.


So “no man knows the day or hour” now makes sense when you realize your month might be off by a day or an hour due to a new moon sighting. We see a lot of signs that can be well understood in books the churches removed 500 years ago from our scriptures, that were considered staples during the time Messiah walked the Earth.  Find the Books of Enoch, Jubilees and Esdras.  All explain what’s coming in the end times and what to prepare for.  Why would church bodies remove these? You be the judge, it has nothing to do with legitimacy, but more about covering their actions.



Why you won’t hear this in church

Back in 325AD at the council of Nicea under Emperor Constantine we were duped.  The pure following known in the book of Acts as ‘the way’ was corrupted with pagan practices under government mandate by a pagan/christian emperor.  He was the first christian in high places and he mandated the abolishment of the practices from long before there were Jewish people, think Noah’s time and more, to pagan sun god worship.



How to Prepare for what’s next

Think about any of this and realize we’re in a global grand deception and our Messiah said, “if it were possible, even the very elect would be deceived” so if we’re not tightly embedded in His words and weighing everything by his Words, we indeed will be lost.



We’re also being told that there are some form of sci-fi medbed. I for one would applaud that and with the technologies we have, undoubtedly we have this available, but much like Elysium where these were shown to us in movies and we know they always telegraph what their doing in the movies, they are inaccessible for the masses (see how it’s only the elite that have them in the movie, I don’t think we’ll ever see this for the masses).  A lot of people have hope, just like in the movie, but the reality is unlikely that it will ever be something for the average individual.  I do not see any way that’s truth and unless someone lays a hand on one with video proof or others, it’s again more hopium in my opinion.


I know this isn’t what everyone wants to hear, but its important to realize there are enough indicators to point to some of this as being false hope aka hopium and some of it being truth, or partial truth. Our enemy capitalizes on us consuming half truths and not asking questions, the truth will never shy away from answering questions even if it’s “I don’t know”.  So ask those questions and don’t blindly believe something because it sounds good.


I’m reminded of a scripture about how people will gravitate to messages that “tickle the ears” not the meat of the instructions (aka Torah) but the nice things most churches and hopium distributors are peddling. If we sit back with the “we’ve already won” message, that leaves us ill prepared to respond when disaster strikes.  We’re also told, “this part of the movie” won’t be for everyone.  The reality is a lot of this is hurting people, killing people and destroying lives.  Remind me again who is the author of destruction? I won’t posture the thought I’m mulling about, but honestly if we have destruction around us and we’re accepting it because “it’s part of the movie” what’s wrong with that picture?