Are The Unexplained Booms Surrounding Walmart Closings A Sign Of Things To Come?

April 25, 2015
Over the past week we have seen a variety of maps in a number of articles which showed Jade Helm states, bizarre and sudden Walmart closures in 5 locations, a map of Walmarts’ General Merchandise Distribution Centers,Foreign Trade Zones and finally, an older map purporting to show an underground tunnel system that spans the whole United States.

Today we are going to throw a couple more maps out there, along with the ones shown in previous articles (which will be linked as related articles below) and let readers determine for themselves if the similarities with the Underground Tunnel map, and the maps showing “unexplained, mysterious,” booms, hums that have been driving people insane (literally!), and other strange “phenomena” doesn’t give them chills running down their spine.


(Alleged map of underground tunnels, entances, suspected entrances, etc..)


A Google search of mysterious booms, set for just the last year, brings up page after page after page but for those that continue to assert the government couldn’t set up shop right under our noses with people noticing…. watch the video below from December 2014, showing local news reports compiled from all across the country talking about mysterious booms, strange noises, homes shaking, explosive sounds no one can find the source of, and more.. and the only thing they all have in common other than the sounds is that there is no official explanation, they call them unexplained, bizarre, mysterious, and state that they are “baffling scientists,” etc…

You can find a plethora of news reports and compilation videos about these mysterious booms at YouTube as well. They have been reporting this phenomenon for years.

Where does Walmart fit into all this? As was explained in a previous article” Walmarts were specifically mentioned as “critical infrastructure” by USNORTHCOM in 2009, by Joe Catalino, USNORTHCOM Chief of Private Sector Operations, Interagency Coordination Directorate.


(Walmart Locations In The US)

Many have said that the US government, the elite and the military are preparing for something huge, and that those preparations are escalating, which might explain why these strange sounds, sights and reports are reportedly increasing over the last months, perhaps final preparation for specific time frame, such as July through September, when the Jade Helm exercises are scheduled to take place?

All that can be said for sure is that there a lot happening all at once that suggests something big is coming and being planned for, although no one is quite sure exactly what the “event” is.