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Santilli Sternly Warns Harry Reid: Domestic Enemy Harry Reid Declares Families Supporting Cliven Bundy “Domestic Terrorists”

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Although some people would consider being declared a “domestic terrorist” derogatory, we should all take pause to recognize how fearful and desperate the far left has become as a result of the successful Bundy Ranch standoff between the American people and the federal government.  We The People won the Battle of Bundy Ranch, and the liberal left is panicked.  All they have left is a flailing,  last ditched attempt to demonize their adversary with stale “Saul Alinski” styled tactics.  They are well on their way to losing this war, and his comments are the first step towards the most logical and peaceful option left — surrender with a white flag & leave the people alone.

For the first time since 1948 at the Battle of Athens, Tennessee, civilians came to Bundy Ranch forced to take up arms in their own defense against government tyranny.   The civilian militia was very conscious about lawful and constitutional possession of firearms in the State of Nevada, as well as disciplining themselves to maintain a defensive posture behind the peaceful family protestors.

Harry Reid needs to understand one very important element of this Constitutional crisis, We The People are determined to protect our country from all enemies, foreign and domestic, and it is clear that Harry Reid has not only betrayed the United States of America by selling out the American People to China, corporate interests and multi-billionaire cronies, we absolutely consider him a domestic enemy and we are putting him on notice that he will be dealt with to the fullest extent that the U.S. Constitution will allow.

Harry Reid aligned with Communist China to build solar farms in Nevada.  Rory Reid, Harry’s son, was involved in setting up the deal with China.

Harry Reid changed the borders of the land protecting the desert tortoise in order to curry favor to his campaign contributor.

Neil Kornze, the head of the Bureau of Land Management is headed by Reid’s former Chief of Staff.  The BLM is the gestapo arm which seized Nevada land which they do not own, stole Bundy Ranch Cattle, set up an undeclared state of martial law in Clarke County, beat & tased family members who wanted to investigate BLM alleged crimes, and then threatened to shoot & kill American family members who supported the Bundy’s.

Harry Reid has literally purchased favor from Sheriff Douglas Gillespie, who ultimately aligned with Reid when confronted with the option of siding with the U.S. Constitution and the American people peacefully protesting at the Bundy Ranch, or siding with a tyrannical federal government.   The relationship between Reid and Gillespie resulted in the potential loss of life as Reid, Gillespie, and the BLM conspired to overpower the Bundy’s with force.

The “court orders” which Reid relies upon to justify the tyrannical actions of the federal government were obtained in violation of the U.S. Constitution, and Nevada State sovereignty rights.  Additionally, the court orders obtained by the federal government were never acted upon back in the 90′s.  Essentially, Cliven Bundy refused to recognize the federal government in this land use dispute, asked them to get off the land and leave him alone, and then continued to maintain possession of his cattle and use of the land as his family had since 1877.  Essentially, Cliven Bundy is now the legal owner of 600,000 acres through something called adverse possession and/or prescriptive easement.  The government had a court order, failed to secure the property, and after five years — in simple terms — Mr. Bundy is now the legal owner of the land.  The federal government made the incompetent and grave mistake of abandoning the land which Mr. Bundy is now lawfully and legally entitled to.   If Harry Reid is not aware of these facts, he should be fired for incompetence.

Harry Reid, among many other things, is complicit in assisting Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Eric Holder, and many others of overthrowing the U.S. Government.   Individuals within the U.S. Government have committed treason against the United States, and Mr. Reid has turned a blind eye.  In fact, he has helped treasonous criminals escape prosecution.

Harry Reid Quote: “….this isn’t over…”    Response: “You’re damn right it ain’t over, and it won’t be until you are arrested, tried and then executed for treason against the USA.”

Harry Reid Quote: ”Nevada ranchers are suppose to pay their taxes and follow the law”   Response:  ” Yes, but taxes should be paid to the people of the State of the Nevada, and Senator Reid (all elected officials) must follow the U.S. Constitution — they are not exempt from or above the law, and will be arrested and prosecuted accordingly by We The People.”

Harry Reid Quote:“…I’ve spoken to Sheriff Gillespie in detail, Eric Holder in detail, and the Director of the FBI in detail, and the Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell”     Response:  “Gillespie is an Unconstitutional Sheriff and put people’s loves in jeopardy by his allegiance to Reid & the BLM.  Eric Holder must be prosecuted for Fast & Furious, as well as other crimes such as the Oklahoma City Bombing cover-up.  he is a commie crony of Obama, and will be dealt with when the people show up at his front doorstep soon to arrest him.  The Director of the FBI is running the most corrupt agency of the U.S. Government.  The FBI has covered up almost every major crime in the USA including the JFK Assassination, Vietnam Gulf of Tonkin false flag, TWA Flight 800, Wall Street theft of trillions, 9-11, Boston Marathon Bombing, and of course Harry Reid wants to speak to the agency who specializes in killing families such as WACO.  Sally Jewell is a communist puke who is all about grabbing land and coming down on “climate change deniars”.  She need to be deported to China where her communism is socially acceptable.

Harry Reid Quote: ”there were hundred of people who came there…they had sniper rifles on the freeway….they had assault weapons…they had automatic weapons….and we a former Sheriff said we had women and children there, and if anyone got hurt, we want to make sure they got hurt first…”     Response:  ”Citizens were forced to take up arms to defend the family members who came there to protest and demand Constitutionality from the U.S. Gov’t.  Thank God they showed up, because the federal government was prepared to kill Americans.  Thank God they showed up with enough firepower to defend the American people from Eric Holder’s desire to wage another WACO massacre.  As to the ‘former sheriff’, Mr. Reid did not mention his name because Sheriff Mack would have sued him for lied with his name.  The statement was not only false and inaccurate, it is considered communist propaganda from an enemy of the American People.  Where were YOU Harry Reid. The unarmed protestors did not fear the guns, because they were on the right side of history & the U.S. Constitution.   The disarmed liberals who oppose liberty & freedom should reconsider their gun grabbing & communist overthrow after they count the guns and Americans defending our nation behind every blade of grass.

Harry Reid Quote: ”these people…who hold themselves out to be patriots….they are not.  They are nothing more than domestic terrorists, and we are in a country where people should follow the law.”     Response:  ”These People” are Americans and are even more patriotic than the Ukrainians, the Communist Chinese, or Al Qaeda in Syria which Reid is supporting with funds and favor.    The only people who should fear “these people” are the ones who have overthrown our government and supported our enemies.   Reid, you are the domestic enemy which our Constitution says we must defend against, and we will.

Harry Reid Quote:“there’s a task force being set up to deal with Bundy, and Gillespie is involved as well.”  Response: We have a task force as well, and it kicked your arse at Bundy Ranch.  No task force or unconstitutional Sheriff will ever succeed in your pursuit of violating our Constitution, stealing our property, seizing our land, and threatening to kill us when we enforce the supreme law of the land because you refuse to.  Gillespie’s involvement petrifies the American people, but only because his negligence put lives in jeopardy.

The Bundy Women are among the most courageous women in America, and they volunteered to be in front of the line in the face of tyranny.  They were not afraid to die in pursuit of liberty and freedom.  They were not told to do anything to ‘win’ over the brute force tyranny on full display by the U.S. Government at Bundy Ranch.  The “people” who support the Bundy family realize how much is at stake in this matter.  If the U.S. Government is allowed to over power the Bundy Family, they can do it to any of us.  We stand in their defense as true American patriots who will not hesitate to die in defense of our God-given rights.

Harry Reid, our task force is comprised of 10′s of millions of Americans who will never give in.  We will never relent.  We will all die free, especially if we must die in our defense against what you represent.  Calling any of us “domestic terrorists” won’t work with anyone but your dumbed-down  liberal gun grabbing minions, but we ask you to please continue to ask liberals to rely upon the government to defend them  —- the perfect adversary we could ever wish for are a bunch of metro-sexual tortoise sympathizers armed with only an iPhone.  We’ll save our country on their behalf too, but at least we won’t have to worry about them shooting back in resistance.

To every single federal government employee and law enforcement official.  A day will come very very soon when you will have to choose between siding with the American People & the U.S. Constitution, or following Harry Reid’s “task force”.  We ask you to stand down in favor of peace, the American people and the U.S. Constitution.  Harry Reid is a coward who wants you to kill Americans and be set up to slaughter as his BLM did at the Bundy Ranch standoff.  We the people were there fighting for your families, and had your safety in mind; which is why not one shot was fired.  If any one of you made the wrong unconstitutional  choice and fired upon unarmed protestors; all of you would have died due to the negligence of your superiors. They DO NOT have your safety and best interests in mind, especially not Harry Reid.  Harry is more concerned about his son Rory getting rich on deals with China, making money from corporations, and using each of you as expendable members of his personal army.  He is a domestic enemy that you have been sworn to defend our nation against, and we ask you to make the right choice when the next opportunity presents itself to defend our beautiful nation and people.  You have a chance to become the courageous heroes our nation so desperately needs to survive.

We ask everyone to stand with us courageously in peace, under the U.S. Constitution and the American people, but most importantly, for the sake of saving our nation.  We proved that we are men and women of peace and principle, and we know that our nation was founded by like minded patriots who care about our families and freedom.  Pause a moment and think about one very important fact, the holocaust would never have occurred if each military member, railroad conductor, government servant, etc. decided not to do their “job” of leading the Jews to the ovens and camps.  If each of you choose to not follow Harry Reid and his cronies, he will never be able to successfully overthrow our country. Stand down. Join us. Let’s take our country back and prepare to throw these criminals in jail.  We can do this without one shot being fired, but please always remember, once you fire the first shot, we must defend ourselves and we will win this battle between good and evil, even if it means we die trying to resist tyranny & enslavement.  We are prepared to die if you try to kill our peace & liberty loving families. Please choose our side; form a new “task force” and arrest Harry Reid, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and any other individual who tells you to kill Americans who are trying to save their country.

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