Inaugeration Day

Seemingly big day today. Many of you have asked for my thoughts, so I figured I’d at least post them here for the record.

No doubt much circulating and many potential rumors flying regarding what could be going down today: why are tens of thousands of military really in DC? why are there tons of huge ships sitting off the coast of Long Beach? what are these “reports” of local radio and tv stations being approached about their content being potentially usurped by FCC on the 20th…what were those emergency broadcast “tests” earlier this week ? and so much more.

I did notice that trump never mentioned Biden by name as the “incoming administration” in his “farewell” speech yesterday. So while all of these (although unprovable) claims along with military and razor wire having taken over DC, do give reason for concern…for the life of me, I cannot understand how there are STILL large groups of people (hooked on the “Queue” hopium) that STILL think some kind of “in-surrec-tion” act by trump could mean anything other than the instantaneous fall of this country?

And it will have ALL been BY DESIGN. The “plan” having its’ big heyday today – would NOT fair well for us in any way, shape or form.

The Right vs LEFT has ALWAYS been to distract us from what is REALLY happening. Yes, under Biden – the fall of America is looking inevitable as well, but in…perhaps, slightly slower motion.

And NOW thanks to the fully played right vs left psyop (that has been the vilification of trump by msm …you can add to him the successful vilification of Christians AND of white men and of those who question the LY-Russ and those who won’t wear masks AND those who speak of dangers in VaX-scenes….) we are ALL now successfully “heaped in” with the far “right ex-tremists”.

Even if we saw what Trump was from the beginning (A TRUMP card- by the elites) used by them in order that ultimately those who have the ability to think critically may openly silenced.

It’s open season against critical thinkers now because trumps rein was very SUCCESSFUL For these people know how to INFILTRATE.

It’s an incredibly powerful method of destruction from within. Just read the Jez-uit oath to learn more. Infiltration is their favorite way to destroy.

It’s how they got into position to claim a ridiculous “coup” attempt on the 6th…but regardless of whether it was AnTi-Fa or some actual trumpets with too few brain cells to see a trap being set before them, OR perhaps they just saw an open door on the side of the capitol and walked in.

KNOW this: if people weren’t WANTED inside the capital on Jan 6th – people would have NEVER have made it in.

Of course the msm will never show the police escorting horn man into the senate chambers or all the other police opening the gates…for this is a perception game and tell_LIE-vision does what it was created to do: Tell lies.

I always stated that my reasons for believing that trump would stay (and that he was “selected”) for the purpose of: creating vast and world wide animosity against those who are christian, those with more conservative values and those who support their nation. Because persecution against us is scriptural prophecy.

That is in our future cards. Matthew 24 and Rev 20:4 is for those who follow Him in the end days…and it’s Jesus that said so…not me. But…it looks like they did a mighty fine job of ramping up that future persecution under trump – even if he DOES peaceably concede tomorrow.

Apparently America didn’t have to fall on his watch in order for ALL that to be perfectly set up against us. But At this point it seems there is still a sliver of a possibility that he would attempt to play out this Queue psyop…and man…that would that be a BAD day and a worse week that followed.

But regardless what we have now, is a level of open hatred being set up against normal people who perhaps DIDN’T even fall for the divide but who, like me, are simply questioning the main stream narrative.

People who are fighting to ask questions that journalists will NOT. And now, questioning their narratives will make you a TER-ROR-IST. It’s all just evil, evil genius isn’t it? For if the Pres of the USA can be BANNED from speaking freely(?) What chance do the rest of us have?

THIS is what the selection of “The trump card” DID to change America. So may I ask, America …are we greater now than we were in 2016? Or worse for the wear? The answer is obvious to those who are honest with themselves. I’m not blaming Trump, because unlike many, I don’t believe people at this level have autonomy.

I don’t believe Trump ever choose his now extinct tweets – or when he played golf. He was selected to make people tired and confused and bring persecution against true believers. Check. Check and check. Should it surprise those of us who are true believers Who know Jesus words “if they hated me, they will hate you also” ?

If we have a peaceful transition tomorrow- my prayer is that these millions of people deceived by Queue will finally shake off the programming, WAKE UP & stop looking for worldly men to save them…to put their faith in our Creator, and follow the Way Truth and Life of our Messiah.

When we know the FRUIT HE taught…we know how to identify good fruit when we see it (kindness, gentleness, and we know it’s opposite: when the fruit is rotten and used to mislead, divide and conquer God’s people.

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