Last years predictions were right, what’s coming next?

September 7, 2014

Last year I speculated we’d need a few instances of martial law or federal intervention, low and behold we had Bundy Ranch and Ferguson, MO…Not taking pride in “I told you so”.

Next up we speculated on at least a couple false flag events as well as a major event or two that will change our way of governing…well we had Malaysia air and a few other air mishaps where planes like the one that crashed on Friday went unchallenged as well…

Folks, we’re primed for a serious event, we’ve been tested to see how we react to federal intervention (seizing of property); local intervention in police martial law (seizing freedom of movement); infiltration by as many as 40K undocumented souls that came across the southern border (and if you read my blog you know that there are ISIS folks in there); many top officials gutted from our military that refused to fire on US citizens…you can speculate the rest, but here’s my 2 cents that I projected last year.

I still prognosticate that we’ll have an event or two that will cause a change in the way we’re governed by election time or shortly afterwards (that’s within 6 mos).  This is the only way the current administration can do damage control and retain control.  You can poo-poo the idea, but I was right on the ones above (go back and read my posts from last year).

As I tell my prepper friends, be ready
As I tell my military friends, stay frosty
As I tell my christian friends, stay prayerful
God is in charge, certain things are coming our way that are inevitable to reach the “End of Days”.  Remember the Bible says explicitly that the last days will be the sadistic, evil and corrupt ways it was during the time of Noah…people belittled and mocked him for his preparedness and listening to God…when the door shut…it was too late.


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