Will our elected officials represent the will of the people?

September 9, 2013

Which way will the senate and the house vote?  Seems there’s been a lot of noise of going forward, regardless of the will of the people which in my opinion, defeats the purpose of elected officials.

Biggest questions still outstanding is “who” released the weapons?  We still have no clue or outocme on that in spite of UN boots on the ground checking things out.

Also, the rebels have an Al Qaeda faction…with that in mind…do we support the same folks that blew up the World Trade Center towers?

Even worse, why are we voting on this on 9/11?  What’s the symbolism here?  If congress and the senate say no, and we go forward under the EO powers…what will the people do?

Seems FEMA and DHS are ready for riots with all their food and ammo orders…or is that all hype on CNN, CBS, FOX and the like?

Random polls over the weekend show anywhere from 60-95% opposed…with that in mind, will the folks in office decide “this is what’s best for us” in spite of the will of the people?