Biden lost; Trump won

December 6, 2020

Biden lost by an overwhelming amount

We’ve learned that overnight, while everyone was away, those votes were wheeled out from under tables, local warehouses and trunks of cars. They had to hustle as we’ve learned, to manufacture these votes as they had planned to do this, but not at the scale they had to do.

The problem is the amount is so easy to capture, and in the logs of the machines, we quickly learn what happened. for example, in Georgia, those 4 suitcases each held about 5,000 votes, low and behold, we see a spike in the same amount within the hour after those were processed.

Ultimately, we find the following votes to be subject to challenge:

Biden lost Pennsylvania by 40,000 votes
Biden lost Wisonsin by 180,000 votes
Biden lost Arizona by 290,000 votes
Biden lost Michigan by 350,000 votes
Biden lost Georgia by over 195,000 votes
Biden lost Nevada by 62,000 votes