The Storm is Coming

December 15, 2020

For those that are not “up to speed” as those of us that have followed the “queue” movement, here’s what’s happening If you’d like to educate yourself, the links are below as well.

Most of the arrests are done, if not they are going to finish in the next week

Tribunals have been had for many of them already, they have been filmed and will be broadcast in the coming weeks

Many of these traitors have been executed; that is the punishment for TreasonThe court system is not our source of recourse, the military tribunal for treason is the only appropriate venue.

Trump instantiated an EO back in Oct 2018 that declared any foreign interference in elections to be Treasonous, the parties would forfeit all US assets or assets inbound to the US.

You are going to see some shocking things. many of us in the movement have already seen “proofs” and we have few doubts based on these confirmations that this is indeed happening.

FB and others won’t allow cross linking to the main “queue” board so you’ll have to go search it out using the “Q Anon Pub” wordage.

There are thousands of messages from our source (the poster is connected in the WH).Bottom line, don’t panic. Martial law will be necessary to stop the violence and end the nonsense with BLM and Antifa.If you decide to go out during that time and get involved with one of those groups, do not think for a moment they will let you do your thing.

This is the military, they will have shoot on sight orders and won’t be playing stupid games like the LEO’s had to under corrupt mayors and governors.We are headed to greatness this next year, there are amazing cures (cancer, etc) that have been kept back to make money for others, these are going to be release.

the vaccine just now released is indeed one of these

Debts will be mostly forgiven.

We will all be on a level playing field and you’ll have to live within your meansAmerica will be going first; the other countries are still in the hands of the cabal and once they see how we’ve turned it over, we will help them do the same. the goal is a free world.

The evil, satanic (yes, they sacrifice children and drink adrenochrome…go look it up), corrupt, lying left will have no quarter in this new world.For now, stock up, pop some popcorn and enjoy the show.