Why we have to go to Gold soon

January 4, 2021

Bank of Canada has ZERO Gold holdings. How can they go to a gold standard? There are many countries in a similar position. This means they all cant individually declare a gold standard for sound money. The US dollar was once backed by Gold but it was too restrictive & failed…

When the Dollar was no longer backed by Gold, the US made a deal with the Saudi led OPEC. Sell oil only in dollars. Made sense at the time because currencies were already pegged to a gold backed US dollar so now that the gold backing was dropped they could still remain pegged..

Because of the need for US dollars to purchase oil. Being pegged to the USD meant that whatever happens to the US economy, affects everyone, as we see today with the trade war. Also, since the US dollar was both a sovereign currency and the global reserve, this meant the US..

Had an advantage over nations. The demand for the US dollar was strong. The US would print money and exchange it for goods from abroad. This also meant the US had total control over the international payments system SWIFT. Since the world traded in US dollars, the US could…

Dictate and bully every other nation. They could unilaterally sanction foreign nations and restrict/prevent them from using the SWIFT payments system. This was allowed for decades because the US was a superpower. The largest economy. No one could challenge the US..

Nations would adhere to sanctions out of fear they too would be restricted from using the SWIFT and this would affect their trade and hurt their economies. Nations like Iraq & Libya, whose leaders tried to sell their oil in Euros & Gold were invaded and executed..

The message was clear, dont challenge the US dollar because if they did sell oil for euros and gold, this would have meant the end of US dominance & the end of the SWIFT system. Every nation would then want to trade using different currencies and assets….

So you can imagine why the US had to act quick and stop nations from trading in anything but the USD. All this went on while China and Russia were building up militarily and economically. China now being the 2nd largest economy will be the worlds largest economy in a few years…

The US imposed numerous sanctions on Russia and other nations. They use their media to portray these nations as the enemy & sell you stories to back up their claims. No nation is perfect, especially the US & its thirst for war & global dominance..

But Russia & China are today capable of standing up to the US militarily. This is why they’ve launched their own world bank Equivalent AIIB and BRICS. Major global economies like Brazil, Russia, India, China and South africa working together. China is also going full steam ahead

With their belt and road initiative. They are winning over nations with trade promises while the US invades, threatens with sanctions and bullies nations into submission. This is threatening the US dollar. This will kill the SWIFT system and the US dollar standard..

This is 1 of the reasons the US wages trade wars against China. The US is not stupid. They know the US dollar standard cannot go on forever. They know the world is changing & they must adapt or die. But they are a proud and power hungry nation. They wont want to lose out to china

Some think Trump is some genius who has thought of these trade wars with China by himself. No, look at the bigger picture. Try & see how this is just the US negotiating their way to trade deals before the US dollar standard comes to an end. Trump is just closing the final chapter

The US understands they will no longer have US$ advantage & this is why they now require trade deals and tariffs because they now need to be as competitive as any other nation in order to prosper. No more silver spoon. So Trump is just is just following orders as his predecessors

What the US needs is to try and gain some advantage while they still hold the US dollar advantage but time is running out. The US economy is doing poorly and a great depression awaits if nothing is done. A depression they have no tools to fight & risks sinking the world with it..

Remember that the world has their currencies pegged to the US dollar. If the US sinks, its taking the world with it. What we see today is there are major problems. This is causing money to flow out of other currencies and into the US dollar and bonds for safety..

This is crashing the value of global currencies. This means those nations are experiencing inflations they cant control because to trade they need expensive dollars. They risk further destabalizing the world which is already in turmoil. The United Nations saw this back in 2008..

The UN called for a New world currency to replace the US dollar. They understood what was coming. Some say the UN knows whats coming because of what comes next. Some say after the US global domination ends, the world will submit to the united nations…

This will be the new world order. All nation under one umbrella organization. Centralized power. The UN will be the next super power. Every nations laws will be decided at the UN. The puppet government structures will remain but they will be answerable to the UN.

This will be another topic for another day.

So what the world has been asking for all this while is to be able to trade using whatever currency or asset they wish. This means democratizing the payments systems. This would render SWIFT invalid unless they adapt (r3 corda)..

This will eventually make the UN the new bully on the block and nations will get to decide who not to trade with if they step out of line. Again, centralized power will come to play. Another topic for another day…

So we have to make a choice, we have to get off of fiat currency quickly otherwise our economy and the world’s will crash…or do we?

The global plan is to move to digital currency, unfortunately this then becomes a privacy issue, let alone a control (see 1984 by George Orwell) issue. What if we (the United States) bucked the system and returned to a non-manipulative gold standard?

If you want to know what that was like, it was the heyday after WWII and the Korean War, booms like you’ve never seen, then along came credit cards (to capture and enslave the masses) in the 60’s. Prior to that you either had a monthly account you paid off with a vendor or you bought with lay away (making payments until it’s paid in full, then collecting the item).

This level of prosperity is where our POTUS is taking us, unlike the digital currencies being foisted on the rest of the world, America will be the remaining beacon with the Gold Standard.

So what about the rest of the world?

Now i want to ask you which company is being called the SWIFT killer? Which company has been positioning a digital asset to become a global reserve digital asset? Which company is working with the banks and governments? Which company has their tech integrated with leading…

Banking and payments software providers to allow for a flip the switch ease of access? There are roughly 2000 cryptos, if you said #ripple and #XRP you are dead right. This is no accident or speculation. This is fact. I challenge you to prove me wrong…

What does this all mean? It means after 100s of years of different sovereign currencies dominating, leader to failure after after failure, the US dollar will be the last sovereign currency to ever hold the position of a global reserve currency…

Do you think the Bank of englands governor Mark Carney calling for a “Libra Like” digital currency to replace the US dollar was just some uncalculated talk? Do you think Brad Garlinghouse meeting with central bankers in Switzerland was for nothing? XRP is loved by the IMF/BIS etc

This is no coincidence. Ripple has been captured since 2014. Their goals have been directed by hidden hands. Their team boosted and filled by hidden hands. What you see is just the surface. This is no longer a speculative asset as it were back in 2015 and 2016. Things are clear..

The tech Ripple offers and provides cannot be matched by any other today. Interledger protocol is game changer. This allows trade to be conducted using any currency or asset. This links up the financial world. ILP is like veins to a body & XRP is its blood..

We are entering a brand new world. We wont recognize it when the dust settles. Changes are coming. We have to wait for negotiations to complete. In life we cannot be certain about much but I’ve never been more certain of #XRP becoming the World Digital Reserve asset..

Its value may seem low today and thats not because the insiders, banks, institutions dont know about it. The biggest players have purchased their shares via OTC so you and I dont see their moves. It is the 99% who will come flooding in when the word is released..

They can keep value low until negotiations are complete and then Trump will sign an executive order or the UN will make a move first if this negotiations takes too long. After that its just a matter of “flipping a switch” and everyone can access XRP liquidity without knowing..

Everything is falling into place. A few years back we were laughed and mocked at for laying out the plans but now we know even the central bankers are calling for a New world currency to replace the US dollar dominance. Theres no stopping this. The die is cast.

Since most countries cannot afford to be on a gold backed currency and we wont have another sovereign currency backed by gold to rule them all, what we see is a Gold valued #XRP coming to rule them all. This will be the anchor to which every currency values against.

Speaking of gold valued #XRP. We see the lender of last resort, The IMF, taking control of the XRP escrow. Ripple is too small to be so big to handle this by themselves. The doors have been unlocked for Ripple, they have been invited in to the houses of power..

Some ask, why would Ripple hand over +-50billion XRP to someone else free of charge? Ripple is a software company. They sell software. Its a matter of convenience. The world powers help them and they help the world powers. Their personal XRP holdings are incentive to hand it over

Some say Ripple are scammers & XRP is a scam. How blinded by hatred are these people? Just look at who Ripple hires and work with. That alone would tell you more than you need to know. Theres no alternatives, we will move away from the USD standard to the XRP Standard!

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